Industrial Utility Efficiency

Smithfield Foods Environmental Management System

At our John Morrell, Smithfield Packing Company, Farmland Foods, and Murphy-Brown subsidiaries, we use an organized Environmental Management System to identify and manage every part of our operations that could have an effect on the environment. The focus is not only on compliance with applicable rules and regulations, but also on finding ways to continuously improve. EMS successes to date include:

  • Reduced water use by 15 percent, natural gas use by 10 percent, electrical use by 17 percent and reduced solid waste generation by 21 percent from fiscal year 2007 through fiscal year 2009 at our John Morrell subsidiary’s Armour-Eckrich group of facilities
  • Reduced electrical use by 7,493,467 kwhr/year the John Morrell - Sioux Falls, SD facility by implementing a new refrigeration control system
  • Offset 492,851 mmBTU of natural gas use per year by adapting a boiler at the John Morrell - Cudahy, WI facility to burn animal fat and grease extracted from the plant’s wastewater treatment system
  • Reduced energy consumption by 8 mmBTU/hr and saved 4 million gallons of water per year by installing a steam condensate return system at the Farmland - Denison, IA plant
  • Saved 1.5 million gallons of water/year by installing a system to reuse packaging machine cooling water at the Farmland – Cumming, GA plant
  • Reduced water consumption by 12 million gallons/year by installing high efficiency spray nozzles throughout the Smithfield Packing Company - Portsmouth, VA plant
  • Saved 50,400 gallons each production day by implementing water conservation upgrades to the casing operation at the Smithfield Packing Company – Tar Heel, NC plant

For Smithfield Foods’ US operations, projects implemented at individual plants in fiscal year 2009 resulted in 516,536,287 gallons/year in reduced water use, 124,621 decatherms/year in natural gas reductions, 2,220,485 kwhr less consumed/year, as well as 889 tons of annual CO2 emission reductions.
















November 2011