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BAUER Introduces BMP Medium Pressure Air Compressor

For over 75 years, BAUER has been known worldwide as an industry leader for high-pressure compressors. Now, the Munich, Germany headquartered company is breaking new ground by introducing the new 2 and 3-stage BAUER BMP™ Medium Pressure air compressor series with a final pressure range of 430 – 1450 psig.

BAUER BMP™ Medium Pressure air compressor.

Like all BAUER industrial compressor systems, the new BMP™ medium pressure series has been designed for continuous, heavy-duty applications. The BAUER BMP™ Series air compressors offer a wide size range from 20 - 175 HP (15 – 128 kW) with flow rates from 27 – 247 SCFM (46 – 420 m3/hr).  The BMP™ Series is available in a 2-stage design for final pressures up to 580 PSIG (40 bar) or 3-stage design for final pressures up to 1450 PSIG (100 bar).  

Each compressor in the mid-pressure series is carefully designed and engineered to fit the traditionally challenging requirements of the industrial, maritime and hydropower industries. Every unit in the BMP™ series has a low center of gravity and can be operated at inclinations up to 30° under motion on a ship or offshore rig. To support this, the oil sump is flange-mounted underneath the crankcase to reduce oil consumption and allow for operation at extreme installation angles. Compact design also makes the BMP™ Series ideal for shipboard operations where deck space is at a premium. All BMP™ Series models are available with ABS and DNV certification.

BAUER designed their medium-pressure air compressor series with extreme conditions in mind. An integrated oil pump provides forced lubrication to all essential components of the compressor under the most severe operating conditions, to extend the life of all critical components such as cylinders, pistons, and valves. The compressors are air-cooled, with a large cooling fan to provide optimal cooling across all the cylinders even in high-temperature conditions.

For additional protection, the air compressors include integrated inter-stage safety valves for every stage of compression. The integral inter-stage separators also ensure condensate removal at 99% efficiency, and include automatic condensate drains with condensate collection for worry-free operation.

Every BAUER product is built with a 20 – 30-year product lifecycle expectation. With the optional BAUER CONNECT® remote control and IOT overlay, the entire BMP™ compressor system can be monitored 24/7 through BAUER’S propriety AI software which automatically sends out alerts if system parameters run out of spec. This allows for intervention before an unexpected shut-down occurs.


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