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BOGE Expands S-4 Series

With their extreme efficiency and quiet running, the S-4 series really set a before and after in the world of compressed air technology when they were launched. Their innovative design concept has now been expanded to include additional power ranges, and the oil-lubricated screw compressor with the large housing is also now available where 90 kW power is required. BOGE continues to fulfil its customers’ demands for powerful yet simultaneously efficient, low-noise compressors. The optimized airend with direct drive similarly ensures reliable running.

The S 91-4 model with an output of 90 kW is the most efficient screw compressor in its class.

Best in class – the new BOGE compressor shares the outstanding characteristics of its elder siblings in the S-4 series. The latest model – the S 91-4 with an output of 90 kW – is, of course, also the most efficient screw compressor in its class, able to produce excellent free air delivery at low specific power consumption when compared with its competitors. These efficiency benefits are achieved thanks to the model’s revolutionary construction concept – the generously sized components reduce internal pressure losses. On top of that, BOGE’s own internally developed airend can achieve high efficiencies.

The great advantage of the S-4 series is its direct drive on the airend. With its highly robust design, the airend is hermetically enclosed and offers considerable advantages when compared with standard belt-driven models which can suffer from high levels of wear in certain areas of application. “Generally, V-belts need to be replaced two or three times a year,” said Frank Hilbrink, Product Manager at BOGE. “This, of course, has a certain cost impact, and is quite a disadvantage when compared to our direct drive-based system.” When combined with a frequency converter, the speed of the new BOGE compressor can be varied, making it ideal for adapting to the exact compressed air requirements for the task.

Using vibration isolation for individual components and the flow of cooling air, BOGE has been able to reduce noise considerably, meaning the compressor is ideal for use even in the most demanding of sensitive environments. To make the best use of the energy supplied to the device, heat recovery can also be added to it. This then uses the heat created by the running of the device to warm service water or for other processes.

For intelligent compressed air management, the modular focus control 2.0 control system and airtelligence provis 3 interlocking control are available to BOGE customers. In combination with BOGE connect, they both result in even greater efficiencies, as all the compressors installed throughout the entire system are controlled and monitored optimally. Maintenance tasks can be planned to reduce downtimes to a minimum. Users are also able to access the system remotely, allowing them to react directly at the first signs of any issues with the device. As a result, BOGE connect ensures increased operating safety, reduced operating costs and prepares the path for Industry 4.0 via its digital interconnectivity options.

Just like BOGE’s other efficient components, the oil-lubricated S 91-4 screw compressor is eligible for German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) subsidies. With the help of one of these grants, savings of up to 40% of the investment costs can be reached.

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