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Brehob Expands into Evansville, Indiana

Indianapolis-based Brehob Corp. has hired territory manager Kevin Duke to drive growth in its new Evansville, Indiana service area. Duke brings 25 years of sales experience in the local area to the role – including a recent position as territory manager for a crane and hoist company. He will help Brehob expand its air compressor product line and accelerate growth along the Ohio River.

The decision to expand into the Evansville area was driven by Brehob’s partnership with Quincy – one of the leading air compressor manufacturers in the world – and the growing number of industrial customers Brehob serves in southern Indiana and western Kentucky. Expansion into the market was a natural move for the company, Duke said. “Evansville and Owensboro are what I like to call production-based cities. Between compressed air sales and service and preventative maintenance, there's a lot of companies Brehob could support in the area,” he said.

The territory will initially focus on supporting Brehob’s air compressor product line, but will expand to also sell and service electric, crane and hoist product lines to customers in the area. Future plans include opening a physical facility in the area that will be home to not only Duke, but a team of local technicians and support staff to help Brehob fully serve its local customer base. Until then, Duke will manage the territory out of Brehob’s Louisville offices. He is excited to be part of the Brehob team.

“You've heard the old saying, if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em? I'd do bids against companies who had Brehob as their service provider, and Brehob did them right. Being a family owned company, they have 69 years of doing things right,” Duke said.

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