Industrial Utility Efficiency

Mtis is Launching in the U.S.A.

Korean specialist manufacturer Mtis Co., Ltd., supplies air and gas pressurized fluid systems in an integrated mechanical and electrical control package. It designs, manufactures, and tests in accordance with international standards and requirements for power plants, shipbuilding, offshore facilities, and petrochemicals of EPC projects that require various and rigorous specifications, and supplies systems to major EPC projects around the world.

Mtis’ Propane Dryer.

Mtis' flagship products and services include hydrogen refueling stations, compressors and blowers, air and gas dryers, nitrogen generators, sound enclosures, portable compressors, and control systems.

Mtis installs and commissions hydrogen fueling station packages. It also sells and repairs a wide range of compressors and blowers, and integrates and packages dryer accessories. They are designed and manufactured according to the needs of users. Mtis' nitrogen generator is based on adsorption technology, which produces high-purity nitrogen gas from the air for various industrial applications. Nitrogen gas produced on-site has the advantage of stable supply and reduces costs when purchasing other industrial gases.

Mtis responds to various customer requirements through maintenance and remodeling of supplied systems and manufactures to various specifications according to customer needs.