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Tsunami Introduces New Compressed Air Dryers and Filters

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has four new products ready to order for the new year – adding more capacity and customization to its product line. 

Tsunami’s new products include: an 80 CFM Pure Series Dryer, an 800 CFM Oil Coalescing Filter, a 120 CFM Activated Carbon Filter, and a Pneumatic Drain option for the Tsunami Rove. These products will fill out many gaps that were found in the product lines for its air filters and dryers. Specifically, the Pure 20 Series Dryer is a game changer for patrons looking for more air demand, at an economical price.

The new Pure 20 Series Regenerative Dryer from Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions. 

“We’re looking to fill our product line gaps to set the stage for larger, and more customizable dryers,” said Troy Robins, Product Portfolio Manager, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions. “The best is yet to come.”


About Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions

For over 35 years, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, a division of Suburban Manufacturing Group, has set the industry standard for quality compressed air filtration and drying solutions. While we strive to bring cutting-edge technology to the world of pneumatics, we continue to focus on the core principles that built the foundation of our successful business: quality, value, and world-class customer service. For more information, visit