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UCA to Supply Compressed Air to Major Steel Producer

Universal Compressed Air (UCA) announced the award of a contract with a major steel company to install a Compressed Air System at one of their world-class steel manufacturing plants in the United States. This further expands UCA’s network of Plants in North America.

 Universal Compressed Air to supply compressed air to major steel producer under long-term contract.

UCA will build, own and operate a state-of-the-art facility to provide up to 23,000 scfm of compressed dry air to the steel company under its long-term Pipeline AirTM performance contracting model resulting in significant savings and guaranteed reliability for the steel company.  A Pipeline Air TM contract combines UCA’s compressed air supply expertise with the capabilities of highly efficient centrifugal air compressors, heat of compression air dryers, closed loop cooling systems and master controllers.  The unmatched performance of the UCA Compressed Air System provides the backbone of comprehensive power and reliability guarantees and truly positions compressed air as a utility for the steel company.

Due to these factors, the steel company contracted with UCA for their compressed air needs. UCA will execute the design, construction, commissioning, startup, maintenance and operations of the new plant.  The plant design is highly modularized to shorten field construction time, which minimizes the transition within the steel plant’s existing operations.  Startup is planned for mid-2022.

More and more manufacturing companies in a variety of industries are realizing that Pipeline AirTM is a great way to outsource compressed air needs as a utility, save money, preserve capital, and focus on their core business. UCA is delighted to deliver Pipeline Air TM to a leader in the steel industry.

About UCA

Universal Compressed Air is a privately-owned and thriving high-technology business in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley focused on compressed air systems for industry.  UCA brings decades of Industrial Gas expertise to Compressed Air Supply Systems.  The systems are optimized to deliver compressed air as a utility and, in every case, an efficient and reliable solution will be designed and built to maximize savings.  As a compressed air supplier, the systems are proven, trusted, and designed to optimize the end user’s success.  UCA’s Pipeline Air TM enables large air users to benefit from a solution tailored to their site’s specific requirements. For more information about UCA, visit