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VMC-USA Announces New Headquarters

VMC-USA is eager to announce a larger facility will be opened in Statesville, NC. This move will be from its original location in Elryia, Ohio. A decision led by The North American division of VMC SPA Italy, a leading and innovative company in the compressed air industry. This exciting transition will decrease transit times and allow products to be readily available to ship to our partners.

VMC-USA’S larger facility in Statesville, NC.

This new location will provide in stock components and spare parts. To better serve the needs of the industry and cut down on the lead times, the KTC brand rotary screw air compressors will be in stock and ready to ship. The new structure will provide our partners with first class sales and service support.

VMC-USA is a company dedicated to innovation and technological evolution of screw compressors, to meet the needs of customers with reliable solutions and products for a wide range of applications. Together with VMC, VMC Engineering and KTC, they build the VMC World, the brand that brings uniqueness, responsiveness, competence, and reliability. 
Production and engineering will remain in Italy, VMC-USA will continue to provide superior distribution and service.

About VMC SPA Italy

VMC, one of the most innovative companies in the field of compressed air, was founded in Creazzo, Italy, in the late 1970s. Thanks to its leader and founder, Virgilio Mietto, and his family, it designs and manufactures valves and air-ends for compressors according to the patented principle of component integration. A revolutionary concept that changed the way of conceiving a compressor all over the industrial world.

During a lifespan of almost 40 years, VMC has achieved 13 patents proving its cutting-edge know-how and extensive expertise in the name of an ongoing domestic and international growth, as well as eco-sustainable manufacturing. Today, VMC World is selling in 40 countries and operating through its Italian headquarters and its branches in China and the USA. 

VMC takes care of its customers and their projects worldwide, establishing a precious collaboration with each of them. VMC is not only a supplier but also a reliable partner able to analyze and recommend the best solutions as well as a customized project alongside the customer's collaboration, understanding of critical points, and quickness in sorting them out. Moreover, VMC's specialized team is always present during the assembly phase, experimentation, a first use, and it is ready to offer care and technical support both before and after-sale, to guarantee the customer's satisfaction and confidence. For any information related to VMC-USA, please reach out to or visit our website at