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Blower Controls for Aeration Efficiency


Tom Jenkins P.E., has over 30 years of experience with aeration blowers and blower controls.

Stephen Horne

Stephen Horne is the Blower Product Manager for Kaeser Compressors.























Join Keynote Speaker, Tom Jenkins P.E., President of JenTech Inc., to learn how to optimize blower power consumption while meeting variable aeration demands.

There are many types of blowers used for supplying aeration systems and many methods for modulating blower flow rates. The flow rate and discharge pressure for aeration blowers are determined by fluctuating process demands. This webinar will discuss the methods appropriate for each blower type. The tradeoffs of each method in efficiency, reliability, and energy consumption will be covered. Techniques for analyzing and comparing wire-to-air power consumption will be explained with illustrative examples provided.

Our Sponsor Speaker is Stephen Horne, Blower Product Manager for Kaeser Compressors, whose presentation is titled, “Blower Master Controllers – How the IIoT can Optimize Blower Station Performance.” This presentation will cover how proper communications between blower packages and a master controller can truly optimize performance, predict future requirements, and increase reliability.

May 11th, 2017

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