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The 2022 AICD Show Report

The AICD Board: Jimmy Ford, Rob Grizzle, Phil Kruger, Dave Nosal, Kasey Gould, Michael McCulley, Jeff Brennan, Bart Frush and Brent Pifer (left to right).  

The Association of Independent Compressor Distributors (AICD) held its annual show at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa in Savannah, GA in May of 2022. Participating distributor members and guest enjoyed a few days of networking events, trade show, speakers, the AICD Golf Tournament and more. 

“The AICD is continuing to grow despite the challenges of the last two years,” said Jeff Brennan, President, AICD. “We’re now bigger than ever and membership is really supporting the Association.” 

This report will recap a sampling of exhibitors – not all exhibitors present at the show could be featured due to article space limitations.


Air Compressors 

Sullivan-Palatek displayed rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors through the Sullivan-Palatek and Saylor-Beall brands. The industrial electric rotary screw portfolio ranges from 7.5 – 450 hp with variable frequency drive capability, reaching pressures up to 125 psig. The SP32 range (300 – 450 hp) achieves capacities from 1,490 – 1,730 cfm with motor speeds of 1,800 rpm.

Matt Nolte, Austin Wilkins, Bruce McFee, Grant Hebert and Joanna Hebert at the Sullivan-Palatek booth (left to right).

Hertz Kompressoren USA introduced a Maintenance Kit Program and the HS Series oil-free scroll air compressor series, available in 14 models from 2 – 40 hp, 115 – 145 psi, 6 – 121 cfm. Hertz displayed a HS5.5-S tank-mounted unit with a cycling refrigerated dryer in its booth, along with other air compressors models. The new Maintenance Kit Program offers Basic and Plus Kits sorted appropriately per unit type, and service intervals for every few thousand run hours. Kits are stocked with necessary oil filters, separators, Hertz Smart Oil, free oil analysis kit, air treatment filters, valves, cabinet panel filters, and more.

James Anthony, Clark Beal, David Carpenter, Bob Groendyke, Hugh Smith and Stephanie Brockman at the hertz Kompressoren USA booth (left to right). 

Sauer Compressors USA specializes in the manufacturing of medium and high-pressure air and gas piston compressors up to 7,250 psi. The Sauer team was present discussing its diverse rental fleet of skid-mounted packages, basic units and full containerized solutions from 150 – 5,800 psig. “When capital expenditures aren’t an option, yet operating demand persists, we’re able to help customers with our rental fleet and maintenance services, keeping their operations running and providing peace of mind,” said Jim Riley, Rental Sales Manager.

Jim Riley and Joshua Peter at the Sauer Compressors USA booth (left to right). 

Aerzen Rental presented electrically-driven (optional diesel powered generator sets) low-pressure solutions below 50 psi. Their positive displacement blowers (up to 14.5 psi) and TVS-Series single stage, air-cooled, oil-free rotary screw units up to 50 psi with integrated VFD are commonly used for wastewater basin aeration, bulk material pneumatic conveying and any low-pressure industrial application.

Matt Piedmonte and Scott Werner at the Aerzen Rental booth (left to right). 


Compressed Air Dryers and Air Purification

BEKO Technologies displayed refrigerated and desiccant compressed air dryers, coalescing and particulate filters, zero air loss condensate drains, and oil water separators. BEKO also displayed fixed and portable sensors for dew point, flow, pressure, oil vapor and leaks. During my booth visit we reviewed BEKO’s new 2022 product brochures for general facts and figures about compressed air, installation diagrams to achieve desired air quality classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010, and features and benefits of the BEKO Technologies product portfolio.

Brian Speed, Steve Vogel, Rusty Welch, Adrian Fernandez and Russ Jones at the BEKO Technologies booth (left to right). 

The full Mikropor America sales team was at the AICD. “This show has been instrumental for us,” said Nitin Shanbhag, President, Mikropor America. “It’s all about the people, whether we’re enhancing relationships with existing customers or developing new ones.” Mikropor has been a leading manufacturer of compressed air treatment systems, atmospheric air filtration solutions, nitrogen generators and process chillers since 1987.

Ken Scheifer, Dan Harrison (Air Compressor Services), Jeff Crutchfield, Jon Carnes (AIM of Louisiana), Allan Hoerner, Mike Kinnucane, Nitin Shanbhag and Aydin Dereci (Alkin Compressors) at the Mikropor booth (left to right). 

Nano-purification solutions showcased the new DHM Range membrane dryers. The DHM range consists of seven models rated[1] from 6.4 – 74.2 scfm inlet conditions achieving 57.6°F dew point suppression – producing an outlet air dew point of 40°F – then seven more models rated from 3.2 – 55.1 scfm achieving 99°F dew point suppression – producing sub-freezing outlet air dew points at the reference conditions. Advanced hollow fiber technology with a unique inner coating increases separation efficiency between the water vapor and air.
[1]rated flow capacity: compressed air dryer inlet: 101.5 psig and 95°F; ambient air temperature: 77°F; 100% RH.

Jim Tomczyk, Todd Allison, Matt McQuillin, Nick Herrig, Jane Sexton and Jim McFadden at the nano-purification solutions booth (left to right). 

Altec AIR introduced its new RAD Series non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer (25 – 300 scfm). “Our engineering team did a fantastic job implementing customer feedback into the new design,” said Jim DiMaiolo, Market Segment Manager. New features and benefits to the RAD Series include locking easy-access cabinet design, top mounted inlet and outlet connections, compact all aluminum heat exchanges modules, International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing for withstanding vibrations during transport, UL certification pending and less than 2 psi pressure drop.

Jon Brom, Charles Algiene, Jim DiMaiolo, Joe Rodenbucher, Chris Foster and Bob Mackay at the Altec AIR booth (left to right). 

The ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions team was on site presenting their ZMA Series modular desiccant dryers (heatless regeneration) with 11 models from 3 – 177 scfm. The ZMA Series features an advanced controller, proprietary flow valve, high strength desiccant for enhanced dryer performance and afterfilter life, purge mufflers (<75dBA), stainless steel angle seat purge valves, internal/external anodized towers within powder coated external enclosure and more. 

Pneumatech displayed the PMNG Series membrane N2 gas generator (90.0% - 99.5% purity), PPNG Series pressure swing adsorption (PSA) N2 gas generator (99.5 – 99.999% purity), desiccant and refrigerated compressed air dryers, filtration and condensate management. The PPNG PSA units range from 324 – 39,521 scfh (5.4 – 658.68 scfm) at 99.5% purity. The Purelogic controller has full monitoring capabilities, measuring flow rate, oxygen percentage, inlet, outlet and buffer tank pressures and inlet/outlet dew points. “We have the lowest air factor on the market, which means Pneumatech N2 generators require the lowest amount of compressed air to produce a set amount of N2, reducing energy costs and total cost of ownership,” said Ben Smith, Business Development Manager, Gas Generation.

Raymond Batkay, Maggie Rogers, Hal Burke, Kate Turner and Ben Smith at the Pneumatech booth (left to right). 

Featured products at the Walker Filtration booth were the new line of CondenSmart Zero-loss Drains (6 models, 2.9 – 232 psig working pressure), plus coalescing and particulate oxygen filters (19 pipe sizes, 5.7 – 1,425 scfm). The CondenSmart electronic drain solenoid valve automatically opens and closes to release accumulated fluid, and should be serviced every 12 months or every 8,000 hours.

Jesse Yates and Ben Laiweneek at the Walker Filtration booth (left to right). 

Clean Resources appointed Scott Scheuerlein as its new Vice President of Business Development. Scheuerlein has extensive experience in the compressed air industry having worked in business development roles for air compressor and dryer OEMs and distributors. Clean Resources showcased its Smart-Pak, IDC, Super Pak, Micro 50 & 100 Series high performance oil-water separators for compressed air systems from 50 – 10,000 cfm. 

Molly Powers, Scott Scheuerlein, Bill Peters, David Schluckebier and Chad Timmer at the Clean Resources booth (left to right).

Air System Products displayed their portfolio of compressed air condensate management solutions. The Posi-Zorb pump driven oil/water separator is design to handle system-upset conditions and a variety of oils, requires no electricity and is capable of 24 hour continuous operation. The Posi-Zorb ranges from 250 – 1,000 scfm (90°F/90% RH). The unit enables easy disposal, simple replacement and there are no messy bags to handle. Readers may also recognize the Robo-Drain and several other zero air loss and timer drain technology manufactured by Air System Products.

Mike Zacharko, Abbey Hopkins and Sean van Auken at the Air System Products booth (left to right).


Piping and Storage

Applied System Technologies displayed their Quick-fit (1/2”), Infinity [3/4” – 2.5” (20 mm – 63mm)] and Elevation [2.5” – 10” (73mm – 273mm)] aluminum piping systems for compressed air, vacuum and inert gases. The Infinity and Elevations lines are backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty.

Bill Duffel and Bill Kirkpatrick at the Applied System Technologies booth (left to right). 

PneuTech-Unipipe discussed upcoming additions to their piping portfolio. “In the second half of this year we’re bringing in a new 8” and 10” product with rolled ends so pipe lengths can connect to each other with a simple grip ring, rather than using a standard coupling,” said Derrick Taylor, General Manager, Unipipe. “This will cut installation time and costs significantly.” Unipipe will also introduce a 3-way ball valve, eliminating extra piping tees for air dryer bypass. Unipipe is also introducing high pressure brown pipe with increased wall thickness for oil and fluid systems. Unipipe compressed air piping is available in 13 sizes from ¾” – 10” (20mm – 250mm) and comes in options for compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum and high-pressure applications.

Lance Frederick, Derrick Taylor, John Vicat and Joe Burke at the Unipipe booth. 

Parker was present showcasing Transair aluminum pipe [nine sizes, 1/2” – 8” (16.5mm – 220mm) and Transair stainless steel pipe [six sizes, 3/4” – 4” (22mm – 101mm)] for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. The Transair aluminum line has recently expanded up to 8” diameter. Parker Transair aluminum pipe maximum working pressure for ½” – 4” sizes is 232 psi (from -4°F to 113°F), while maximum working pressure for 6” – 8” sizes is 188 psi (from -4°F to 140°F). Transair stainless steel maximum working pressure is 145 psi (from -4°F to 194°F). “Customers frequently ask for a stainless steel option. Stainless steel is also appropriate for our customers with process water and chemical transfer applications,” said Tim McDonald, Business Unit Manager, Transair. 

Prevost has been manufacturing patented compressed air and fluid distribution products since 1978. “We’re introducing our new color concept for 2” – 4” aluminum piping, allowing installers to directly mount components together. Now instead of having a small section of piping from a tee to an elbow (or ball valve), you can directly connect a ball valve to a tee, or an elbow to four-port manifold, saving install time, preventing air leak points and overall size required to mount the system,” said Adam Schmitz, National Sales Manager. The Prevost Piping System (PPS) aluminum blue pipe for compressed air is available in nine diameter sizes from ½” – 4” operating up to 232 psi, in -4°F to 176°F temperatures.

Adam Schmitz and Brad Wilbanks at the Prevost booth (left to right). 

AIRpipe USA displayed its Blue Rigid Aluminum Pipe, available in nine diameter sizes from ¾” – 8” with maximum working pressures from -4°F to 176°F. Its wide range of connectors include standard connectors, 45° elbows, 90° elbows, male and female threaded elbows, equal lateral and lateral reducing wyes, equal and reducing tees and more, offering endless installation configurations backed by a 10-year quality guarantee.

Chad Hills, Jon Schwartzman and Scott Kramer at the AIRpipe USA booth (left to right).  

Aircom USA was on-site displaying its Quick Line Aluminum system of pipes and fittings for compressed air, available in 11 diameter sizes from ½” – 8” (16mm – 220mm). The Quick Line system offers the same connection principle through ½” – 4” sizes, requires no special tools and is designed for deep insertion of pipe for effective alignment and sturdiness. Raul Holguin was recently appointed as a regional sales manager.

Raul Holguin and Stefano Gaggero at the Aircom USA booth (left to right). 

Kingston Valves introduced its Stainless Steel, Soft Seat Safety Valves, ASME Section XIII / National Board Certified for high-capacity flow rates. Its team introduced the stainless steel models to withstand harsh and corrosive environments, ensuring reliable operation in operating temperatures from -20°F to 400°F and set pressure ranges from 20 to 450 psig.

Theresa Hinkler, Madison Lester, Andy Freyer and Les Taylor at the Kingston Valves booth (left to right). Editor’s note: Shortly after the event, the Kingston Valves team shared news of the sudden passing of Les Taylor. The Best Practices team shares its sincerest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Les Taylor.  

Manchester Tank was present discussing its standard design and custom, built-to-order air receivers. Manchester tank is capable of producing pressure vessels and compressed air tanks as small as 2” in diameter at 3,000 psi to as large as 96” in diameter at 300 psi. 

Joe Luthman and Mike Amstutz at the Manchester Tank booth (left to right). 


Intake Filtration, Lubrication and Components

Edmac Compressor Parts displayed a selection of its aftermarket OEM compressor and vacuum parts. Its product range includes lubricants, filters, service kits, consumables, air ends, separators, desiccant and more. Edmac provides support and aftermarket parts for all brands across the globe.

Mike King, Andrew Bardsley, Meredith Smith, Tim Watson, Chris Gibson and Janelle King at the Edmac booth (left to right). 

ISEL Lubricants, a subsidiary of DuBois Chemicals, displayed not only its line of air compressor lubricants, but also raised awareness on the rest of its product line. Apart from lubricants, ISEL distributors provide end users with metal working fluids, water treatment solutions, industrial cleaners, rust preventatives, pretreatment & paint line solutions and more. The ISEL brand carries dedicated lubricants for rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and rotary vane air and gas compressors, not to mention blower lubricants, food grade lubricants and more.

Dan Parker, Dave Brockett and Donnie Hendrickson at the ISEL booth (left to right). 

SA Performance provides compressor lubricants designed to reach 100% fluid life at 200°F for use in rotary screw, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors as well as vacuum pumps and blowers. Its new Dura-Life FG product is rated for 12,000+ hours at 200°F, uses an optimized blend of antiwear agents, rust inhibitors and antioxidants. This lubricant is designed to withstand harsh environments and protects food-grade lubricant from microbial contamination.

Kevin Kovanda, Abra Zawacki and Mac Samples at the SA Performance booth (left to right). 

Solberg displayed its filtration solutions designed to protect critical machines such as vacuum pumps, blowers, fans, engines and compressors. Its primary product lines include vacuum process filters. liquid separators, inlet air filtration, industrial silencers, air/oil separation and more.

Andy Spicer and Kevin Dumont at the Solberg booth (left to right).

ProCura IoT displayed its asset management software providing real time readings for all of your equipment. Its multi-level dashboards feature customizable notifications, real time graphing, customizable reports, document storage, and all things related to equipment monitoring.

Dalton Joy and Ben Taylor at the ProCura IoT booth (left to right). 



The AICD conference format has an engaging agenda, aimed at helping senior management at air compressor sales and service companies better manage their businesses today and tomorrow. 

  • Economic Check-Up – Professor J.R. Gillette, Ph.D.
  • Supply Chain Update – Professor Tom Goldsby, Ph.D.
  • Equipment Rental 101, Success in Compressors – Bill Kiker 
  • Celebrity Speakers – Javier Pena & Steve Murphy (A Morning with the NARCOS guys) – How They Took Down Pablo Escobar



Throughout the duration of the event, attendees testified to the impact this association has had on their careers. Here, members connect with peers to share ideas, discuss business methods develop solutions to industry problems, see the latest technology on the market and enjoy a world class event produced by the AICD team. Mark your calendars for May 21-23, 2023 in Dallas, Texas to be a part of next year’s show.


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