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The 2012 Edition of the PepsiCo National Fleet/OG&S Sustainability Training Summit and Trade Show took place in San Antonio, March 19-22. Held in the San Antonio Convention Center, over 700 PepsiCo fleet and operations personnel attended. Led by Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine’s Editorial Board Member, Eric Battino, over 150 people involved with Resource Conservation at PepsiCo also attended.
A new compressed air sales and service company has opened for business in Stafford, Texas. FS-Compression Co., LLC is a direct sales and service company launched by Fusheng Group to support FS-Curtis and FS-Elliott compressed air system products for southern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.
Try Kaeser's new Utility Rebate Finder. This online tool allows you to search by state and/or technology (including compressed air, motors, motor VFDs, and processing and manufacturing equipment).
The Ashcroft® 1009 Duralife® stainless steel pressure gauge resists vibration, pulsation and pointer flutter for easy reading and long life.
Schulz announced the arrival of the new Compact series of rotary screw air compressors. There are 15 hp and 25 hp models with a simple open design.
Quincy Compressor has introduced the new QGS 20 hp, 25 hp & 30 hp line of rotary screw air compressors.
A good-size hospital with 200 beds and ten operating rooms can have a medical air system, a laboratory air system, and pneumatic air systems. The medical air systems must all follow the NFPA 99 guidelines. We follow these guidelines, from the beginning, when we assess the demand for air in a hospital.