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Atlas Copco Introduces OGP+ On-site Oxygen Generator Range

As the number of industrial applications that require oxygen continues to grow, so has the demand for businesses to produce its own oxygen. Today, industries from healthcare to aquaculture, bioenergy, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and more can meet this demand with the Atlas Copco OGP+, an on-site generator that offers best-in-class reliability, performance, and cost savings.

Atlas Copco Oxigen Generator

Atlas Copco OGP+ Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen generator.

Historically, the only way for industrial applications to procure oxygen was to buy it in cylinders or through bulk liquid deliveries. Today, through technological advancements, an on-site oxygen generation system ­­­­­­­– consisting of a compressor and an oxygen generator ­­­– frees businesses from the costs and logistics of buying, moving, and storing the gas.

With the introduction of the new 8-model OGP+ Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator series, Atlas Copco sets the bar even higher with a host of new user benefits and significant operational savings, by optimizing PSA technology, the OGPrange consumes 30% less feed air at full load to produce the same amount of oxygen as a traditional generator. As a result, customers are able to enjoy double-digit reductions in the total cost per unit of oxygen.

The OGP+ also introduces additional energy savings at low load with its in-house developed Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) technology. VCS optimizes the PSA cycle to reduce the air requirement to what is needed to generate a lower volume of oxygen. By eliminating energy waste during lower demand, VCS generates up to 70% extra energy savings.

“On-site oxygen generation already was a convincing proposition, but the OGP+ raises the bar for all key benchmarks, from efficiency to performance and reliability," said Ben Christianen, product manager industrial gases with Atlas Copco’s Industrial Air Division. “Customers enjoy a stable oxygen supply and purity at a significantly lower cost per unit of oxygen. Whether you compare it to purchased oxygen or other on-site generators, the OGP+ offers benefits that can't be beaten."

Operators can set the exact oxygen purity they need with just one push of a button, producing up to 95% oxygen – offering a cost-efficient solution for high-purity applications. Many industrial applications don't require 95% purity levels. The ability of the OGP+ to set the correct purity (while maintaining high gas quality) results in immediate operational savings. The financial benefits even extend to investment costs as avoiding purity over-specification can allow for a smaller-sized compressor and generator.

The OGP+ was designed to deliver maximum quality and reliability. Continuous, automated feed air monitoring protects the integrity of the zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material that separates the oxygen from the incoming air. The OGP+ also monitors every unit of oxygen it produces. If any purity issues were to arise, the generator will intervene and (if pre-set to do so by the user) stop the oxygen from reaching the application until the purity level is restored.

The OGP+ also saves space on customers' production floor. The generator comes with a very compact footprint thanks to its optimal utilization of the ZMS and the in-house designed aluminum adsorbers. The OGP+ range is available to order worldwide now.


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