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Augwind Announces New Subsidiary in the USA

In great news for industrial manufacturers, Augwind, an innovative Israeli company specializing in advanced compressed air technologies, has opened its first USA subsidiary. Augwind, with global headquarters in Israel, was founded in 2012 by Or Yogev, a graduate of the California Institute of Technology with a focus on thermodynamics.   

Industrial plants rely heavily on compressed air to run their operations, with such systems accounting for up to 20% of a plant’s energy use. Most of the time, that use is inefficient and costly. Augwind’s unique energy-saving technology has already saved current customers over 10 million kWh and is now available for the first time in the USA.

Leading Augwind’s foray into the US market is Larry Wilson, an expert with over 35 years in the compressed air industry. With a strong background in operations and sales in addition to hands-on mechanical experience, Larry and his team of professionals can help companies identify inefficiencies and generate solutions that will meet their needs.

Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson, US Country Manager, Augwind USA.

One of our solutions to the longstanding challenges faced by manufacturers and others using compressed air, is Augwind’s AirSmart product. This patented technology is already in use in over 60 installations, saving users up to 40% of power consumption. The typical manufacturing plant - whether it’s plastics, food, metals, or any other industry - has a number of different machines running on compressed air at any given time. Each machine has its own requirements and total consumption differs from machine to machine. In the USA in particular, electricity costs are much higher during peak times, and there is no easy way to optimize the running of each machine to account for price fluctuations. The end result is inefficient energy consumption and higher costs. 

AirSmart solves this problem by using environmentally safe underground air or nitrogen storage tanks. Powered by Augwind’s unique control system, the tanks store air efficiently, releasing it as needed. This allows power to be purchased during off-peak times at a lower price, stored up to 600psi underground, and then used during peak times when it would otherwise cost significantly more. Not only does this reduce operational costs, but the system’s efficiency also means mechanical longevity and lower compressor maintenance costs. 

There is no quicker or safer way to address the energy consumption challenges than AirSmart. The storage tanks are built underground in a matter of weeks (also saving valuable land space), providing an added layer of safety as compared to above-ground storage. Once the tanks are installed, it’s a simple plug and play implementation to get the program up and running. AirSmart is already OSHA, ASME and NSF certified and comes with 100% performance guarantee. 

While this is the first time that AirSmart is available in the USA, Augwind has been operating since 2012, saving energy for customers including: PepsiCo, Siemens, Strauss, Nesher Cement Industries, NILIT, Tnuva, Iscar, Yotvata, Rapac, IAI, Keter Plastic, Elidan Plastics and Shalam Packaging Group. 

As saving energy becomes more and more of a crucial issue facing our environment, it’s time to move to the next level of energy efficiency with Augwind.


About Augwind

Augwind was founded in 2012 by Or Yogev, a graduate of the California Institute of Technology with a focus on thermodynamics. The company specializes in the development and installation of compressed air storage systems to increase energy efficiency (AirSmart) and for storing energy for the electricity sector from renewable energy sources such as PV or wind (AirBattery). Augwind operates in the energy storage market and the air compressor market, using an underground air compression technology enabling savings of up to 40% of energy consumption required to compress air at high pressure. For more information, visit