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BEKO Offers EPA 608 Refrigerant Circuit Certification Class

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all technicians working on refrigerant circuits must have the EPA 608 certification. The EPA will enforce heavy fines if any technician is caught working on a piece of equipment without a license where refrigerant is in use.

epalogoAny individual working on refrigerant circuits must have the EPA 608 certification, or face strict fines.

BEKO Technologies is now offering a two-day, EPA 608 certification class available to all of its customers.

During the course, attendees will learn how the refrigerated equipment works, basic and advanced troubleshooting repair techniques, required rules and regulations, and the best practices related to working on refrigerant circuits safely and effectively. Technicians will get an in-depth look at products from BEKO Technologies during the training, although this course is not intended to provide any particular product focus. Thus, the acquired knowledge is applicable to all refrigerated equipment.

The cost is $649.00 per person, including all study materials and the administration of a closed book test at the end of the course. Provided the technician passes the test, they will be presented with an EPA 608 certification card.

For groups of five or more, BEKO can offer this course on-site at your facility. However, your facility must be properly set up and equipped to accommodate the requirements of the course, including, refrigerant dryers on-hand, a workshop area, test equipment, etc. Travel expenses for the on-site certification offering are paid separately.

In addition, BEKO Technologies will conduct a class at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA on October 16-17th, 2017. More information regarding specific details of the class will be available soon.

For more immediate inquiries, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or our Technical Service Manager, Mr. Thomas Esch, at or by telephone at (678) 628-3139. Or visit for more information.