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Best Practices EXPO & Conference to Host Compressed Air Challenge® Level 1 and Level 2 Training

Best Practices EXPO & Conference announced it will host the Compressed Air Challenge® (CAC) Level 1 Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems and Level 2 Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems training courses at their event scheduled for September 20-23, 2020, at the Schaumburg Convention Center (Chicago), Illinois.

“An important focus of Best Practices EXPO & Conference is to teach facility engineers, operators and maintenance staff how to achieve enhanced reliability, higher productivity, reduced downtime, increased product safety/quality, and greater efficiency through the optimization of compressed air systems,” says Rod Smith, Publisher, Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine and sponsor of Best Practices EXPO & Conference. “It’s a natural fit to host this training at our conference.”

Level 1 training provides 8 classroom and group project hours split into four sessions over two days (September 21-22), allowing attendees time to also participate in the Best Practices EXPO & Conference. The Level 1 Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems course teaches participants to calculate and improve energy costs, identify inappropriate uses, establish a measurement baseline by which improvements can be measured, match system supply to actual production requirements for pressure and flow, find/fix leaks and establish a leak prevention program and better control compressed air to improve productivity and reliability. Capacity is limited to 60 participants, seats must be reserved in advance.

Level 2 training is an intensive two-day (September 23-24) training providing in-depth technical information on troubleshooting and making improvements to industrial compressed air systems. This training is designed to help end users learn how to: Collect and use data and tools to assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a compressed air system; Develop and use a system profile; Implement a system maintenance program; Address air quality, highest pressure requirements and high-volume intermittent applications; Understand complex control system strategies; Align the supply side to demand side operation; Explain the value of heat recovery; and Successfully sell compressed air improvement projects to management. Capacity is limited to 30 participants, seats must be reserved in advance.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are awarded for CAC training to those graduates interested in receiving them. The Fundamentals course is worth 0.7 CEUs and the Advanced course is worth 1.4 CEUs. Attendees will receive information on how to apply for credit.

Training workshops only open to distributors, engineering firm and manufacturing (end-user) personnel who are paid registrants of the full conference package. Not available to single-day registrants. For information on registration visit


About Compressed Air Challenge®

Compressed Air Challenge® is an organization promoting energy and operational efficiency in compressed air systems for industry through product-neutral information and training, leading end users to adopt efficient practices and technologies while leveraging collaborative cooperation among key stakeholders. For more information visit


About Best Practices EXPO & Conference

Best Practices EXPO & Conference is an event devoted exclusively to optimizing onsite utilities powering modern plant automation. The event hosts more than 100 exhibitors and a multi-track conference program featuring industry experts willing to share “Best Practices” in deploying leaders who have profitably deployed energy and water conservation measures. For more information on the Best Practices EXPO & Conference, please visit