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CALMS Air Announces New 4G Remote Energy Audit Platform

CALMS announced the release of the new version of their biggest independent platform.  The update focuses on energy assessments and energy audits based on independent energy experts and auditors. It supports collecting monitoring data and tracking end-user progress with KPIs and connecting with independent experts, service providers, OEMs and ESCO investors.

CALMS AIR Remote Audit Platform

The new platform supports additional energy utilities such as steam, electricity, gas, water, and air cooling.

The new version supports assessments and monitoring that are performed on the compressed air system to ensure a broader picture is captured while still containing details needed for analysis and simulations. Universal data collection with IoT in mind is necessary to collect data from most sensors available on the market through the advanced communication CALMS edge device, virtual edge device or existing PLC with OPC software or even smart transmitters. The devices are based on IoT standards to collect all relevant data of the compressed air system in real-time with 1 second sample rate.

The assessment includes a general interview, waste management (leaks, artificial demand, and inappropriate uses) and audits and additionally is compliant with ISO11011 standard. The general interview leads through the system efficiency and reliability of the supply side, distribution side and demand side and compares to the best in class. The advantages of leak management are that it uses a mobile application for data collection and a web interface for validating, repairing, reporting, and calculating the cost of air leaks.

The audits show where to save on energy costs, help improve energy efficiency, create a forecast for energy consumptions and much more. Monitoring uses advanced tools for fault troubleshooting and energy management that enable a systematic approach towards improvements in reliability and energy efficiency with reduction of energy costs. Monitoring is based on CSA837 standard with a powerful reporting platform fully compliant with the ISO 50001 standard.

Other features include auto and manual detail analyses and alarms for unexpected trips and energy consumption. The system is based on pre-defined and custom KPI-Key Performance Indicators and trend-lines per CSA 837. The system will send alarms via SMS or E-mail to the relevant person. Automatic notifications generate weekly or monthly survey and repair reports, manager reports with financial progress, and an overview of company energy improvements and optimizations.

The platform also offers event and action plan tracking as before and after monitoring and compares solutions based on TCO-Total Cost of Ownership – helping the end-user select the best solution.

About CALMS Air Inc

CALMS Air Inc USA is a branch office of CALMS Air Europe, with the headquarters located in Slovenia. Together we introduce modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of compressed air. The team consist of 20 experts in the fields of compressed air, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, and physics. As the platform is growing, so is our team, and we encourage many new experts and auditors to join us in building the biggest independent platform for the future. For more information you can visit