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Compressed Air Guns Reduce Sound Level by Half

Noise is often referred to as one of the biggest health and safety problems in industry. One contributing factor is compressed air. Compressed air is used in almost all manufacturing industries for, among other things, cleaning. A well-known British food company could, by replacing its compressed air guns, more than half the noise level in the daily cleaning process. The result was a noticeably better work environment.

There are a lot of risks in the manufacturing industry that effect the working environment and the workers health. One of the most occurring risks is noise levels. A well known food company made sound level measurements and acknowledged that their daily cleaning process, with compressed air guns, generated noise levels above 100 dB(A).

An operation often causing high sound levels and an unsafe working environment, that is seldom acknowledged, is compressed air blowing. Compressed air is used in the production process for cleaning drying and transporting. In the case of the British food company, compressed air was used daily to clean the production area. The blowing generated very loud sound levels, since the air guns only had open pipes and were not equipped with air nozzles, says Vinod Kumar, business development at Silvent Birmingham.

Silvent Air Gun

Safety First: a quiet compressed air gun from Silvent

Quiet air guns an efficient but unknown solution

To solve the problem, the company decided to install quiet air guns from Silvent. The choice became Pro One, developed to combine both quiet and efficient blowing with compressed air. To document the work environment changes, new sound level measurements were carried out after the installation. It turned out the food company, through this action, managed to lower the noise level by more than 20 dB (A). This resulted in a noticeable lowering of the sound and a big impact on the working environment, since the ear perceives a lowering by 10 dB(A) as a halving of the sound.

Companies commonly believe compressed air blowing should be noisy. But, a high sound level does not mean an efficient blowing force. Often, the operator is surprised by the fact that a quiet air gun can do the same job as a loud air gun. Then, it is good to demonstrate that it actually is possible to combine a quiet, safe and efficient blowing with compressed air, says Vinod Kumar, business development at Silvent Birmingham.

The Silvent Pro One air gun not only lowered the sound level by 50%, it also improved the safety for the operators, since the air gun minimizes the risk of air embolism and fulfills the safety demands from OSHA and SUVA.

The importance of work environment a positive trend in industry

Silvent has, since the founding in 1989, worked to lower the sound level and improve the energy efficiency when blowing with compressed air. The last years, Silvent has noticed a positive trend. Like the British food company, a lot of industries choose to work more actively to improve the work environment for their employees.

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