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Compressed Air Systems Launches New Rotary Screw Air Compressor Line

Compressed Air Systems (CAS) has launched a new line of rotary screw air compressors to complement its existing line of rotary screw air compressors. The new models, available from 5 to10 horsepower (hp), are manufactured with the growing market of tire, mechanical, paint and body shops in mind.


This new addition to the CAS Cube family lineup has a compact footprint measuring 22 inches wide and 25 inches deep and is built with all standard CAS control/safety features. 

EVO1 Cube

Compressed Air Systems has expanded its line of CAS Cube family of rotary screw air compressors.

As a UL- and CSA-certified control facility, CAS manufactures controls to exacting standards. All rotary screw air compressors come standard with features such as the Smart Contact Controller, high air pressure limit switch, high oil sump temperature switch, high oil discharge temperature switch, high air temperature switch and an easy-to-use and access gauge panel.

CAS also paid attention to noise levels on the new packages to ensure that an open frame, non-enclosed compressor system is as quiet, or even quieter than its enclosed counterparts. Several new models achieve noise ratings as low as 71 dBA. The packages will be marketed at prices in the same range as a similar sized reciprocating air compressors. The air compressors are built to help CAS distributors grow and maintain their market share.


About Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Systems was founded in 1980 as a compressor sales and service company migrating into manufacturing in the late 1980’s. By 2019 CAS has grown into multiple facilities and over 70 full time employees in Grand Prairie, Texas, as well as joint ventures around the globe. For more information, visit