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CS Instruments Releases VD 500 Flow Meter for Wet Air

The newly released VD 500 is designed to accurately and reliably measure wet air. Compatible with extremely high flow rates, the VD 500 measures the flow, total consumption, temperature and pressure of moist air with an extremely fast response time of 100 ms. The VD 500 is designed for measuring air immediately after it exits an air compressor and can measure temperatures up to 180 °C or 356 °F. Suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes from DN 20 to DN 500, measuring moist air with the VD 500 is quick, easy and reliable. 

VD 500 from CS Instruments

 The VD 500 Flow Meter from CS Instruments.

The most common types of applications for the new VD 500 moist air flow meter are compressed air audits, air compressor capacity measurements, and efficient measurement of compressed air systems.


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