Industrial Utility Efficiency

DirectAIR® Reduces Energy Costs by 52.6% for Ohio Chemical Plant

An Ohio chemical plant saved 52.6 percent in energy costs and eliminated high compressed air maintenance and repair costs — all with help from Air Technologies® DirectAIR® solution.


DirectAIR installation, including three oil-free rotary screw air compressors

The DirectAIR® installation, including three oil-free rotary screw air compressors.


The plant was maintaining a fleet of five centrifugal air compressors, two oil-free rotary air compressors and a number of desiccant air dryers to support its 5500 cfm plant air demand. The age of their compressor fleet and dryers varied between 5 years and over 20 years. Because the compressor system was running multiple compressors under part load to provide adequate plant air pressure, electrical costs were excessive. In addition, the company was experiencing a number of costly maintenance issues with its compressed air system.

To make matters worse, during the winter months, the system’s air lines would freeze up on occasion. Consequently, the company would have to scramble in efforts to defrost the air piping and/or to rent air compressors/dryers for several months. In addition, their air dryers were not running optimally due to air leaks from all of the open valves (trying purge the excess water from the system).

Air Technologies had serviced the plant’s two rotary air compressors as well as multiple desiccant air dryers for many years. In 2013, the chemical company looked to Air Technologies’ DirectAIR® utility service for a better cost-savings solution. After a detailed analysis was performed jointly between the company and Air Technologies, the financial justification was clearly a positive for a DirectAIR® Compressed Air Utility Service Solution.

Once a decision was made by the chemical company to partner with DirectAIR® for their compressed air needs, Air Technologies installed a state-of-the-art DirectAIR® compressed air facility at the company’s site. The total system consists of six oil-free rotary screw compressors, each with MD zero purge air dryers installed into six pre-engineered modules. Air Technologies now owns, operates and maintains the plant’s compressed air system to provide a continuous quality, dry air supply — and zero downtime. The DirectAIR® solution has proven to increase the company’s system efficiencies and dramatically reduce energy costs by supplying compressed air on-demand as a utility.

Since the installation, DirectAIR® is delivering a 52.6 percent energy cost reduction, which is saving the plant over \$300,000 in annual energy costs. The energy savings alone pay for a vast majority of the total cost of the DirectAIR® service. In addition, DirectAIR® eliminated the high maintenance and repair costs that the company had experienced in years past. There are no production interruptions due to wet air and frozen pipes, and the company no longer has to rent air compressors during the winter months.


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