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Edgetech Instruments Offers DewMaster Precision Hygrometer

The American made, rackmount DewMaster precision hygrometer with stainless steel X3F sensor from Edgetech Instruments Inc. is well known in the industry for its high value and performance. In 19-inch rackmount configuration with its corrosion resistant, primary method, chilled mirror sensor remotely mounted on a connecting cable typically 10 feet long, it is a drop-in replacement for products by other manufacturers. Edgetech Instruments features quick delivery and fast annual recertification turnaround to avoid unnecessary downtime at your facility. There is no need to wait long periods for equipment replacements or services.

The DewMaster drop-in replacement hygrometer

The DewMaster drop-in replacement hygrometer from Edgetech Instruments.

The DewMaster is a laboratory grade, high precision, field proven instrument with multiple available sensor configurations and wide applicability to fit all budgets. Available sensors can be air, fan or liquid cooled to fit the required dew/frost point range. Applications range from use as a calibration standard, to monitoring moisture content in continuous industrial processes. All Edgetech Instruments hygrometers are manufactured and supported in the USA in a modern, ISO 9001:2015 registered facility with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory. All calibrations and certifications are NIST traceable.

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