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Edmac Has Acquired Woodward and Moved to New Warehouse

Edmac has acquired Woodward Compressor Sales, a distributor focused on sales and service of compressors, as well as parts used for compressor service. As part of the acquisition, Woodward will move into a new custom fitted facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Woodward Compressor Sales has over 50 years of expertise in providing service, technical support, and specifying and supplying parts for many different compressor brands.

Edmac Building

Woodward will move into a new custom fitted facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“This acquisition gives us expertise, new sourcing and customer channels, along with expansive knowledge when it comes to sourcing spare parts for all types of compressors and associated equipment. The goal is that we are stronger together and accelerate the innovation we bring to Woodward and Edmac customers,” said Andrew Bardsley, General Manager of Edmac.

The move to the new warehouse will also greatly increase our shipping and receiving capabilities for our aftermarket and OEM products in order to fulfill our guarantee of fast, efficient deliveries. Thank you for understanding the necessary changes that allow us to better serve you and ensure that your air compressor returns to pristine condition as soon as possible. We appreciate your loyalty with us at Edmac!


About Edmac

Edmac is a global supplier of aftermarket and OEM compressor parts and provider of technical support. We are one of the top suppliers of aftermarket parts for all brands and the go-to technical support destination for compressor service providers across the globe. We make the sourcing of compressor parts easy for our customers. We provide online access to select, compare, purchase, track the delivery and manage their account, for our full catalog of parts & accessories. We also provide technical expertise to recommend the best part needed for service providers. We are focused on customer satisfaction, and to give customers the experience that we are easy to do business with, and the confidence that they are getting the right part for their job at a fair price.