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ELGi North America Expands into the Portable Compressed Air Market

ELGi North America, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, a global supplier of compressed air solutions, will, as part of its continued expansion in the compressed air industry, distribute the Rotair range of portable air compressors throughout North America.

ELGi Rotair

ELGi North America will distribute the Rotair range of portable air compressors.

ELGi acquired the Rotair brand of portable air compressors in 2012. Based in Caraglio, Italy, since 1946, Rotair SPA manufactures portable air compressors from 75 CFM through 900 CFM. Portable air compressors support various construction, industrial, and infrastructure applications. Powered by diesel and gasoline engines, Rotair’s range of portable air compressors are designed to be durable, fuel-efficient, quiet, and reliable. For convenience and mobility, units are available in trailer or skid mount versions.

“Since 2012, ELGi North America has established reliable distribution and brand recognition with its industrial range of air compressors and accessories. The entry into the portable compressor market space will strengthen our presence in the compressed air industry,” said David Puck, President, ELGi North America.

Eight years ago, FTG Equipment Solutions, an industrial distributor based in New Castle, DE, started the representation of the Rotair brand in North America, driving growth and market share in the portables industry. ELGi North America will take over the master distribution for Rotair going forward, allowing FTG to focus its efforts on the distribution and growth of generators, LED light towers, pumps, and fuel solutions.

“We are grateful to the FTG team for establishing strong brand awareness for the Rotair product line. We look forward to serving the customers they cultivated over the last eight years. Our focus is to build the business and distribution base by offering best in class products supported by responsive service in North America,” said Zeke Hendrix, Vice-President Portable Compressors, ELGi North America.

In addition to the headquarters and main warehouse in Charlotte, NC, Rotair’s range of portable air compressors will be immediately distributed across strategic locations on the West Coast and the Northeastern US. ELGi is also planning other distribution sites to be added as part of the expansion project for the division.


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