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Hertz Kompressoren Celebrates Five Years in USA with New COO

Hertz Kompressoren is a fast-growing name in the compressed air industry. This year, Hertz Kompressoren USA is celebrating five years of business after having brought the brand, to the United States in 2016. As the company steps across this momentous threshold, we take a moment to remember their beginnings, and look out into their future.

In the land of opportunity, Hertz has leveraged its excellent customer service, positive company culture, and dedicated and specialized staff to take itself from a lesser-known name to a competitive force in the US market in just five years. Integral to building those core values, which have brought Hertz so much success, has been their Chief Operations Officer (COO), Stephanie Brockman.

Stephanie Brockman 

Stephanie Brockman, COO, Hertz Kompressoren.

In September 2016, Brockman was brought on as the Operations Manager to help design and implement business strategies, plans, and procedures. She also played a central role in developing the company’s customer service approach, client relations, and specialized customer service team. “Stephanie’s hard work and determination was and still is a key component to her success, and our success...” noted Bob Groendkye, Vice President at Hertz Kompressoren USA. “She gives 110% to each task. Her ability to communicate with our customers is another key component to our success.” 

That positive family culture that Brockman and Groendyke helped build has extended itself beyond their home office, to their customers (or as they call them, Channel Partners). When asked how Hertz has achieved so much growth in such a short period of time, Brockman replied, “Our customer service is what made us grow so much over the years. We have built great relationships with our Channel Partners because to us, they are just that, our partners. We don’t see them as a customer, but rather, another member of our team, like we are one big family. I think that quality has been key for us in our growth process and we cannot thank our Channel Partners enough.” 

Brockman started her new role as COO this April 2021. She is excited to be in a role where she can further foster the growth of Hertz employees, the company itself and their Channel Partners. It is apparent upon meeting Brockman that she loves her job, and that the driving forces behind her work ethic are her kindness and ultimately positive view on life. “I love my job because it is a passion of mine to help people. With the partnerships we have built, not only am I helping grow Hertz Kompressoren, I’m helping our Channel Partners grow as well. That is a great feeling.”


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