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Ingersoll Rand Releases MSG TURBO-AIR NX 5000 Centrifugal Compressor

Ingersoll Rand has released the new Ingersoll Rand® MSG® TURBO-AIR® NX 5000, an oil-free air and nitrogen compressor that provides manufacturers and producers improved total cost of ownership through optimized energy efficiency and operational flexibility. The MSG TURBO-AIR NX 5000 compressor generates 100% oil-free air or nitrogen that meets IS0 8573-1 standard. Its long life, easy maintenance and ability to adapt to a wide span of air capacity requirements make the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 a fit for instrument and process applications in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas, steel and iron, pulp, paper and textile production.

Ingersoll Rand MSG Turbo-air

Ingersoll Rand® MSG® TURBO-AIR® NX 5000 Centrifugal Compressor.

“Compare the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 compressor to legacy compressors or those made by other manufacturer’s and you’ll find the latest Ingersoll Rand design is very innovative,” said Sam Gooldy, Senior Global Product Manager at Ingersoll Rand. “The Ingersoll Rand TURBO-AIR NX 5000 significantly increases energy efficiency while minimizing maintenance and other operational headaches so users can quickly achieve a return on their compressor investment.” Built on a time-tested design, the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 is rated for powers from 600 kW to 1,050 kW (800–1,400 hp) with flows from 125 to 210 m3/min (4,500–7,500 CFM) and pressures from 2.5 to 14.5 barg (35–210 psig).  

With a 35% turndown range, the MSG TURBO-AIR NX 5000 can be used in various demand scenarios to compress air or nitrogen for the process. During periods of low or fluctuating demand, the operator can engage the wide turndown range to adjust the compressor’s production without the need to shut it down or deploy energy-wasting blow-off.

Proprietary to the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 is a purpose-built, highly streamlined inlet guide vane (IGV) design that reduces associated pressure drops, creating an overall positive impact on energy efficiency and performance for the entire compression process. The IGV comes as a standard feature and the user can set it between the zero and 100% open position. Lower pressure drops through the IGV, combined with enhanced flow paths downstream, allow up to 5% better specific power than competitive models.The TURBO-AIR NX 5000 features the MAESTRO™ Controller that continuously optimizes the operation of the compressor by monitoring operating parameters and adjusting discharge pressure and outlet flow to match the user’s demand for a given application. 

Centrifugal compressors are reliable and low maintenance by nature, with fewer wearing parts versus other technologies. Ingersoll Rand builds on the industry-leading benefits of the centrifugal platform and goes above and beyond with additional features that support long life, reduced maintenance and decreased total cost of ownership. 

Ingersoll Rand offers service programs supported by trained Ingersoll Rand technicians who oversee the service, repair and maintenance of all compressed air equipment in the plan. The PackageCARE™ program represents the greatest value to customers who want to manage their assets by transferring operational risk to Ingersoll Rand. In this program, Ingersoll Rand is responsible for scheduled maintenance by trained service technicians and uses predictive and analytical tools to help prevent unexpected interruptions. 

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