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Kaeser i.HOC Integrated Dryers Available with Oil-Free Screw Compressors

Available on both fixed and variable speed CSG-2 and DSG-2 models from 50 to 250 hp, i.HOC (integrated heat of compression) dryers use the by-product heat from air compression to regenerate the desiccant without any additional heating energy to power the drying process. This ensures reliable air drying with maximum efficiency and lower energy costs, even when air demand varies. Additionally, i.HOC oil-free rotary screw compressors have a relatively small footprint without sacrificing serviceability. 

Kaeser i.HOC

The i.HOC oil-free screw compressor models feature an integrated heat of compression dryer.


Unlike other systems, i.HOC takes advantage of all the available heat. As a result, the dryer reliably achieves low pressure dew points, even in demanding environments with low pressures, high temperatures or low load operation. A high-efficiency, variable speed radial blower compensates for any pressure lost in the drying process, and automatically adapts to changing operating conditions. Full flow regeneration, together with an additional patented process, ensures dependable drying, without additional electrical heaters or coolers, even with ambient temperatures as high as 115°F. Furthermore, built-in heat recovery options give sustainable energy savings and contribute to lowering a plant's carbon footprint.

i.HOC units come standard with Sigma Control 2™. This intelligent controller manages the entire drying process, controlling the radial blower and drum drive of the dryer. Sigma Control 2 automatically adjusts to dynamic operating conditions, and changes in air demand to maintain reliable and consistent pressure dew points. Additionally, it offers unsurpassed compressor control and monitoring with enhanced communications capabilities for seamless integration into plant control/monitoring systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


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Kaeser is a leader in reliable, energy efficient compressed air equipment and system design. We offer a complete line of superior quality industrial air compressors as well as dryers, filters, SmartPipe™, master controls, and other system accessories. Kaeser also offers blowers, vacuum pumps, and portable gasoline and diesel screw compressors. Our national service network provides installation, rentals, maintenance, repair, and system audits. Kaeser is an ENERGY STAR Partner.


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