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Kaeser Kompressoren Expands Dryer Operation in Germany

Thomas KaeserThomas Kaeser, CEO, Kaeser Kompressoren



Kaeser Kompressoren announced it is expanding its production center for refrigeration dryers in Gera, Germany. The project includes a new dryer testing room and an expanded logistics department. In total, the company will add 2,300 square meters of usable floor space to the operation.

In Gera, Kaeser manufactures blowers and refrigeration dryers with approximately 400 employees. The expansion will help to maintain and enhance the company's ability to innovate and continue meeting demand in the refrigeration dryer segment. The total investment amounts to approximately 9 million Euros.

"If the work keeps moving ahead at this pace, production could start in the new facility as early as June," said Thomas Kaeser, CEO of Kaeser Kompressoren. "Gera is an important location for us and the employees here make a big difference in keeping our customers satisfied. The new production facilities will enable them to do that even faster."


About Kaeser Kompressoren

Kaeser Kompressoren Gera emerged from Geraer Kompressorenwerke, originally established in 1877 as Heinrich Leo Metallwarenfabrik und Eisengiesserei. In 1890 it became Germany's first manufacturer of compressors and by 1945 was the country's leading producer with 70% market share. In 1991, the company was acquired by Kaeser Kompressoren. The compressed air specialist, with its head office in Coburg, in the Upper Franconia district, now employs over 6,000 people in more than 100 countries around the world. The main production sites are in Coburg and Gera. For more information, visit