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Kaishan Expands Range of KRSB Belt Drive Compressors

Kaishan USA has recently expanded its KRSB series belt drive rotary screw air compressors. The product range now extends from 5-50HP in the product portfolio. The 5-30HP products can be sold as base mounted units or easily re-configured to tank mounted machines. Tank mounted machines all have the option to have a refrigerated dryer and coalescing filter mounted and piped on the package. Kaishan has also released several convenient options on the product that can be easily added at its new 65,000 ft2 state of the art manufacturing facility in Loxley, AL or in the field by qualified technicians.

Kaishan KRSB series

Kaishan KRSB series belt drive rotary screw air compressor.

Electronic tank drains, food grade lubricants, 115-175 psig full load pressures, low ambient kits, and rain hoods are all price book options. The standard tank size is a 120-gallon horizontal type with heavy duty foot mounting for ease of installation and attachment to a variety of mounting surfaces. The large tank capacity prevents rapid cycling issues often experienced on smaller 15 and under horsepower machines. All Kaishan KRSB products come standard with an aftercooler and moisture separator trap eliminating the need of an expensive high temperature air dryer which adds to the upfront cost of the system and increases the installation space.

Kaishan has also added an option to mount an “Oversized Dryer” to the package which allows for the machine to be installed in high ambient applications without losing dewpoint stability or causing nuisance shutdowns due to high temperature. In addition to these new options, Kaishan has retained the package features that makes their machines so attractive to many buyers of rotary screw compressors. Among these include, TEFC motors, all stainless steel control tubing and lubricant hoses, independent cooling fan motor and air/lubricant coolers, automatic belt tensioning, digital microprocessor control, current transducers to display volts/amps on HMI, and wye-delta starters down to 10HP. All backed by an industry leading 5-year airend and major component warranty.


About Kaishan Compressor USA, LLC

Kaishan Compressor USA (KCA), is headquartered in Loxley, AL in a new 65,000 ft2 state of the art manufacturing facility that was formally opened in October 2019. Kaishan is a vertically integrated company that procures 85% of its rotary screw compressor product content from within their own company subsidiaries. This allows Kaishan to vigorously control the cost and quality of its product to an extremely high level. Kaishan is performing precision machining of rotating and static parts in our ultra-modern machine center cells that provides exact tolerance control to thousands of an inch. Kaishan is also performing complete machine assembly, modification, and testing of rotary screw compressors from 5-500 horsepower in the new factory.

In addition to these highly technical processes, the new facility is home to the global engineering and product development team for 60HZ compressors. The latest in 3D design software and techniques are utilized to model new designs and implement seamlessly into manufacturing systems. Product support in terms of a fully stocked warehouse of over 300 finished units and accompanying aftermarket parts are all housed in Loxley. Monthly sessions for beginner level and advanced service technician training are also a large part of the Kaishan USA total distributor experience. To learn more about Kaishan USA and becoming part of a rapidly expanding company as a team member or distributor, visit