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KTC Launches its USA Location in Ohio

KTC rotary screw compressors recently launched the KTC-USA location in Northeast, Ohio joining our VMC-USA headquarters.  KTC-USA will be located at 1209 Lowell St. in Elyria, Ohio combined with VMC-USA. We are starting with 10,000 square feet and have additional acres to expand. We are strategically located in the Midwest and will initially stock our range from 3 HP to 50 HP in various voltage, VFD, and system configurations. We currently offer up to 475 HP and a unique 2 stage design.

 KTC Logo

KTC-USA will be serving the industrial and construction market segments throughout North America and will feature our world-class Compack rotary screw compressor line as one of our innovative products serving the construction market. Nicola Ceccon and David Statzer are leading the technical sales and support responsibilities. We are excited to bring to the USA our KTC product offering featuring our competitive advantage of using our parent company’s components, in all KTC compressors. Our KTC design, using VMC components significantly reduces the components, connections and tubing required. Our Packsmart product and CW and CCW gear options makes our KTC product unique and innovative in many applications.


About VMC

VMC was founded in 1980 and KTC in 2011. We have over 40 patents, world-class technical expertise, and performance driven quality products. VMC-USA opened in 2011 and we are excited about the next phase of serving our distributors with our KTC line in the USA. KTC-USA’s priority is developing our distributor partner network and supporting them with our technical team and quality products. For more information, visit