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nano Introduces STR Open-Frame Refrigerated Process Dryers

nano’s new range of STR open-frame refrigerated process dryers provide clean, dry compressed air, a super low pressure drop and consistent dew point performance. With dew points ranging from 35 to 39°F, the shell and finned tube heat exchanger boasts not only very low pressure drops, but an extended five-year heat exchanger warranty. Additional features include efficient and reliable compressors and a ‘no sweat’ insulation to provide cool surfaces against an unwanted moisture which could damage the system piping.

STR open-frame refrigerated process dryer from nano 

A look inside an STR open-frame refrigerated process dryer from nano.

Utilizing a direct expansion design, the most efficient form of heat transfer used in dehumidifying compressed air, the units remove moisture from compressed air by transferring heat from the air to the refrigerant by coming into direct contact with the refrigeration circuit through the novel shell and finned tube heat exchanger.

Manufactured in nano’s New Bethlehem, PA facility and backed by more than 40 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise, the range includes flows from 1,250 to 7,500 scfm and beyond in both air-cooled and water-cooled configurations.

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