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New Kaeser DC-HF Desiccant Dryers

Kaeser Desiccant Dryer

Kaeser’s new DC-HF desiccant dryers with Eco-Smart Control provide consistent, low dew points from -40°F to -94°F for flows up to 40 scfm.



Announcing Kaeser’s new DC-HF series of compact desiccant dryers for point of use or other low flow applications from 7 to 40 scfm and pressures from 58 to 218 psig. These heatless, twin tower regenerating dryers are ideal for sensitive applications that require pressure dew points from -40°F to -94°F. 

All DC-HF dryers now include the Eco-Control Smart controller with Modbus TCP communications, remote on/off control, maintenance timers, and operational displays. DC-HF dryers also feature operating modes which reliably meet required pressure dew points in either a fixed cycle or with the optional demand-based PDP control kit.

With easy installation as floor or optional wall-mounted units, the DC-HF dryers feature aluminum desiccant cartridges, purge solenoid valves, and maintenance-free shuttle valves. Coalescing pre filter and dust collecting after filters are standard and can be installed in multiple configurations to fit tight spaces.  Plus, the DC dryers’ snap-on front panel provides quick and easy access to valves, silencers and the controller if needed.

Our premium quality desiccant has uniform, crush-resistant beads which maximizes the accessible surface area, increases moisture capture and minimizes dusting.


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