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Parker Launches Portable Desiccant Dryer and Oil Vapor Removal System

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announced the launch of its new Parker PPD Series Portable Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers and ROVR Oil Vapor Removal System, designed to deliver ‘technically’ oil-free compressed air for the rental industry.

Parker’s new PPD Series is a range of comprehensive compressed air treatment systems each equipped with multiple stages of a filtration, a twin tower adsorption (desiccant) dryer, optional integrated aftercooler and water separator package and an industry-leading Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Packaged on a portable, heavy-duty skid, these highly engineered systems ensure high quality compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality.

Parker’s PPD Series 

Parker’s PPD Series Portable Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers. 

To achieve the stringent air quality levels required for today’s modern production facilities, a careful approach to system design, commissioning and operation must be employed. Compressed air treatment using just one purification technology or at one point in the compressed air system is not enough to achieve high purity levels defined by ISO8573-1. Multiple stages of purification should be utilized to ensure the most effective solution for high quality compressed air.

To guarantee maximum performance and reliability, Parker’s PPD Series portable desiccant compressed air dryers are comprehensive filtration and dehumidification systems that protect the entire compressed air network, providing the best quality compressed air, exactly where it is needed.

Parker’s new ROVR-1600A is an oil vapor removal system designed to deliver compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1 Class 0 for Total Oil when installed downstream of a portable desiccant compressed air dryer and filtration system.

The ROVR-1600A is a cartridge-based filtration system that is designed, tested and third-party performance certified to reduce oil vapor down to ≤ 0.003 mg/m3. This adsorption filtration system pairs easily with any of Parker’s PPD Series dryers (≤ 1600 scfm) to deliver ‘Technically Oil Free Compressed Air’ from either oil-free or oil-lubricated compressors.


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