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Parker Launches PSE Series Cycling Refrigeration Dryers

Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation announces the launch of its new Parker PoleStar Smart-E (PSE) Series cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer with low GWP refrigerant, R513A. Compared to current Hydrofluorocarbons refrigerants, such as R134a (GWP 1430) and R407C (GWP 1774), R513A is a Hydrofluoroolefin with a remarkably low global warming potential of 573. This HFO refrigerant has no stratospheric ozone impact and is both non-toxic and non-flammable (ASHRAE A1 Class).

Parker PoleStar Smart-E 

The new Parker PoleStar Smart-E (PSE) Series cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer with low GWP refrigerant, R513A.

Parker’s PSE replaces their current refrigerated dryer offering for ranges 325-6,000 scfm, the DRD Series. Like DRD, the PSE offers SmartCycle energy-saving technology standard on all models, which delivers lower average absorbed power than non-cycling designs and comparable energy savings to other cycling designs.

Utilizing Parker’s state-of-the-art 4-in-1 aluminum heat exchanger with oversized cross flow design, the PSE reduces energy consumption while delivering industry leading pressure drops (average 2.0 psid). Parker PSE transitions away from traditional tube and fin coil by utilizing highly efficient micro-channel condensers, thereby minimizing refrigerant charges on all units by roughly 40% compared with traditional condensing solutions.

A new, modern range of programmable controllers have been designed, with touch screen panels available on PSE700 and larger, to make PSE easy to use, allow easy access to performance data and enhance serviceability.

All PSE models are Industry 4.0 ready with some level of Modbus protocol available as standard. PSE1400 and larger also come standard with IIoT capabilities. These advanced features simplify remote connectivity, monitoring and control for data management, maintenance and servicing needs.

Other Notable PSE Upgrades:

  • Compliant scroll refrigeration compressors on all PSE models
  • Pressure gauges for refrigeration circuit on models PSE700 & up
  • Ingress protection rating of IP54 on models PSE700 & up
  • Variable speed condenser fan(s) on models PSE1400 & up
  • Dryer Status LED on models PSE1400 & up
  • Electronically controlled hot gas bypass valve on models PSE1400 & up
  • New 4-in-1 heat exchanger reduces number of banked HX on large flow systems PSE2000 & up
  • Air in/out with clamped manifold caps and flanges on both sides of models PSE2000 & up

Overall, PSE introduces several upgrades that deliver enhanced performance, increased energy savings, lower operating costs, higher reliability, ease of use & service – while caring for the environment.


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