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Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions Integrates with BeaconMedaes

Pneumatech Medical Gas solutions announced its integration into the BeaconMedaes brand. By joining forces under one brand, we will provide clarity for our external partners and regulatory bodies about the distinction between the two brands, both of which are distributed in the United Kingdom by Atlas Copco Medical Ltd. The integration will enable us to simplify our go-to-market processes and internal systems, resulting in accelerated production and response times. The combined effort of two brands will give us the resources to further strengthen our focus on developing innovative products and tailored solutions that suit our customers and their patients even better.


The integration of Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions into BeaconMedaes will increase our collective scope and scale, enabling us to enhance our product offering and improve our service capabilities. Enlarge image.

The integration also benefits our partners and customers, giving them access to an expanded product range through a single, well-established brand that offers best in class service and support globally and locally, throughout the entire product lifecycle.  

Our journey together starts today. We cannot wait to see where it will bring us.


About BeaconMedaes

For over 70 years, BeaconMedaes has been the essential interface between patient and caregiver, making a vital contribution to the increasingly complex array of life support equipment that is at the heart of the modern hospital. The BeaconMedaes range comprises medical air, vacuum and oxygen systems, manifolds, monitoring equipment and pipeline components. Dedicated to offering the most innovative medical gas solutions and services, BeaconMedaes uses research, development and applied technology to tailor solutions to each client’s particular needs. The brand delivers exceptional technical support and customer service. For more information, visit