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PneuTech Launches Unipipe All-Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe

Manufacturers using compressed air in their processes have a new option when it comes to compressed air pipe. Unipipe now offers the largest array of aluminum piping systems available anywhere. These all-aluminum compressed air pipes come with a 20-year guarantee against leaks and failures.

Aluminum is an excellent option for compressed air systems and for multi-fluid, vacuum, high-pressure and nitrogen systems. It is lighter and easier to install than black iron or plumbing pipe often used for compressed air and less prone to leaks. Unlike most aluminum options, Unipipe is all aluminum, with no plastic fittings or connectors. This construction delivers long-lasting, leak-free performance and the highest-rated working pressure in the industry, with ratings up to 1015 PSI.

Unipipe stands out from the crowd for its easy installation and unique, no-leak fitting design. Their proprietary clamp ring design gives a 360-degree connection that locks into place for a fitting that is five times more secure than any other system on the market. This innovative fitting also enables super-fast installation; the Unipipe system can typically be installed in half the time of a traditional black iron piping system and one-quarter of the time of copper piping. The lightweight construction and easy, lock-in-place fittings allow piping systems of up to 6” in diameter to be easily installed by a single person with no special tools or plumbing certifications.

 PneuTech air pipe

Unipipe All-Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe from PneuTech.

“Aluminum is the ideal material for compressed air piping, due to its lightweight, low cost and ease of installation. Unipipe is designed to minimize labor costs and ensure leak-free performance for decades of service,” said Derrick Taylor, Director of PneuTech USA.

Unipipe is available in 13 sizes, from 3/4” to 10”. They offer four product options for different pressure ratings and applications, including Unipipe Air (for compressed air systems), Unipipe Nitro (for nitrogen and other inert gases), Unipipe Vac (for vacuum applications), and Unipipe HP (for high-pressure applications exceeding 232 PSI and up to 1015 PSI).

PneuTech is actively seeking new distributors for Unipipe, the aluminum compressed air piping system.


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