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SA Performance Introduces the 2.5 Gallon Performance Pail

The new 2.5-gallon Performance Pail exclusively from SA Performance, provides a safer, more efficient alternative to the traditional 5-gallon lubricant pail. Designed with service techs in mind, the Performance Pail creates less risk of injury, and meets OSHA recommendations for RWL (recommended weight limit). Safety features include case packaging with hand-holds, allowing Service Techs to carry a balanced weight load close to the body, per OSHA recommendation. At half the weight of a 5-gallon pail, the 2.5-gallon Performance Pail is easier to lift and pour into an air compressor sump.

SA Performance Palls

Performance Pails are packaged two per case. One case replaces the traditional 5-gallon pail. The 2.5-gallon size is a versatile solution for filling and maintaining today’s sumps.

In addition to safety, the Performance Pail boasts smart design features including an oil-level indicator and smooth-pour design, made possible by the built-in handle vent and large spout. As with all SA Performance lubricants, the Performance Pail is available for private labeling. To learn more about the new 2.5-gallon Performance Pail, contact a SA Performance representative at 904-723-4946, email or visit


About SA Performance

SA Performance offers a complete line of high-performance compressor lubricants, all manufactured in facilities with ISO9001 and ISO21469 certifications, with multiple distribution points across the United States, to best serve their customers. SA Performance also offers complete air end remanufacturing services including rotor balancing and machine work, performed in-house at their own specialized facility.  Pairing compressor expertise with lubricant knowledge has helped SA Performance become a leading partner across the compressed air industry.