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Sparks Dynamics Launches New Monitoring and Analytics System

Sparks Dynamics, a provider of intelligent solutions for industrial customers, recently launched its latest ReMASTER Monitoring and Analytics system based on Tridium JACE technology.


ReMASTER with FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera and Insertion Mass Flow Meter

ReMASTER with FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera and Insertion Mass Flow Meter


The Sparks Dynamics ReMASTER system offers industrial customers a way to capture and analyze their compressed air system’s data. ReMASTER’s core processor is a Tridium (Honeywell) JACE running the Niagara software framework.

The ReMASTER panel uses standard Modbus communication and can collect data on energy, flow, pressure and temperature as well as control panel data. It also features additional add-ons such as thermal imaging and vibration detection.


Sparks ViewMaster Software Package 

ViewMaster Software Package - Click here to enlarge 


All the data collected is streamed to the Sparks Cloud, mitigating firewall issues, and can be viewed online using ViewMaster software. The analysis of this data can be used to determine inefficiencies and areas in need of optimization. Data analytics developed in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can also send alerts to the user for any system anomalies.  The ReMASTER system allows industrial facilities to baseline, optimize, implement and verify energy efficiency projects.


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