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Sparks Dynamics Launches ReMaster Mobile Auditing System

Sparks Dynamics, a provider of intelligent solutions for industrial customers, is now offering its ReMaster Monitoring and Analytics System Technology as a mobile platform for auditing services.

Sparks ReMaster Monitoring

The ReMaster Monitoring and Analytics System is now available as a mobile platform.


Understanding current compressed air system operating parameters and justifying the Return on Investment for a compressed air system efficiency upgrade requires a comprehensive data acquisition and analysis tool. The ReMaster mobile system provides measurement of compressed air system data streams that are transmitted to cloud servers for analysis. 

ViewMaster software allows for detailed system analysis and modeling of energy efficiency enhancements. Projected system enhancements reducing specific power or flow patterns can be inputted versus current operating profiles for detailed projected system energy savings. 

Once the ReMaster mobile system is installed, system information can be accessed by authorized users anywhere in the world through authenticated sign-in information.

Sparks Re Master Auditing System

With the ReMaster mobile auditing system, information can be accessed by authorized users anywhere in the world.


ReMaster Mobile Audit Identifies Compressed Air System Waste at Petroleum Processing Plant

A ReMaster Mobile 30-day audit of a petroleum processing plant identified 1,000,000 kWh of potential savings annually in a compressed air system. Improper compressor control and sequencing led to a 400-hp centrifugal air compressor bypassing compressed air on a continuous basis. Base loading centrifugal compressors and trimming with a VSD compressor will produce \$70,000 in energy savings per year and a simple payback of 1.5 years with a utility energy rebate.


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