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Sullair Introduces LS160 Rotary Screw with Improved Air End

Sullair, an industry leader in innovative compressed air solutions since 1965, today announced the introduction of the modified LS160 oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor featuring a larger and higher efficiency air end. The new air end results in greater free air delivery and increased efficiency in LS160 units up to 150 psi. 

Sullair LS160 Rotary Screw Compressor

Sullair LS160 Rotary Screw Compressor with Improved Air End.

“Since the original introduction of the Sullair LS160 in 2018, the product has been one of the most well-received in decades,” said Brit Thielemann, Senior Product Manager – Commercial & Industrial Air Solutions. “We are excited to introduce the enhanced product and provide our end customers with even greater efficiency, increased air delivery and an opportunity to reduce their energy costs.”

The new generation of Sullair air ends combines decades of experience in designing and manufacturing rotors – the most important part of the air end – with the latest in research and technology. The new air end is larger in size, providing even greater efficiency than the previous air end included in the LS160 units introduced in 2018. In addition, after testing, the enhanced LS160 was found to consume less power, resulting in increased energy savings for customers.

The modified LS160 also includes a 25% larger low restriction inlet valve. This allows for less restriction and a more efficient air path, resulting in less power required and a reduction in pressure drop.

These enhanced features are all in addition to the features standard on the LS160, including a full enclosure, Electronic Spiral Valve, 10-inch Sullair color touch screen controller, TEFC premium efficiency motor, Wye-Delta starter, phase monitor and a zero loss drain.

The LS160 also offers Sullair AirLinx™ remote monitoring as standard. AirLinx provides customers the opportunity to monitor all operational parameters in real time via computer, tablet or smartphone. Aside from the ability to monitor operations, AirLinx may also be customized to provide automatic alerts when an unexpected reading or fault occurs. This speed‐to‐alert helps users minimize unplanned downtime.

The LS160 Series includes offerings from 125-200 hp and 90-160 kW. With multiple offerings, the units provide options to help customers meet their specific application needs, including steel mills, tire plants, automotive, forging plants, chemical processing, paper industry and large manufacturing facilities, among others.


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