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SUTO iTEC Announces New Dew Point Meter Series

SUTO iTEC announced the release of their new dew point meter series S211/S215/S220. Developed with a clear focus on high quality and customer benefits, their new dew point meters are now even more flexible with great additional features. All models are now available with an integrated pressure sensor, which makes them unique on the market, offering all important measurement parameters in a single sensor. Their compact design paired with robust materials, made of stainless-steel and high-class aluminum, protect the sensor from external influences and make them a reliable measurement tool.

SUTO Dewpoint meter

All models are now available with an integrated pressure sensor.

The newly designed S220 combines two sensor types into a single unit, using the QCM sensor for low dew points and the Polymer sensor for higher dew points. The S220 can provide an outstanding accuracy over the full range of -100 to +20 °C. With the integrated pressure sensor, the new designed S220 combines the latest sensor technology into a single dew point meter.



SUTO iTEC has been a trusted global partner for reliable measurement and monitoring solutions for compressed air and other gases for over 20 years. They offer measurement solutions for parameters of compressed air systems including flow, consumption, dew point, oil vapor and particulate  For more information, visit