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Tamturbo Introduces 20-Foot Modular Compressor Room

Tamturbo has delivered multiple containerized compressed air systems for customers needing a modular, movable and flexible solution that is shielded from the elements like rain, snow, heat, contamination, etc. When a large global food industry customer requested an all-inclusive modular compressor room for their factory, we decided to go ‘all in’. We packed a 20-foot container with all of the winning features of the compressed air system, including after treatment, controls and compressor optimization options. This is also the most compact solution for max flow of 1,872cfm (53 m3/min) with variable flow and wide turn-down.

Tamturbo Compressor Room

Tamturbo Modular Compressor Room.

In situations where plant space is at a premium, customers may prefer to place their compressor room outside. At other times customers may want to configure a compressor’s installation for a more turnkey operation for securing production uptime. To meet those needs, we created the Tamturbo Modular Compressor Room – the Tamturbo MCR.

Tamturbo offers a modular solution that lets customers choose from a range of Tamturbo VSD turbo compressors, different types of dryers and other compressed air equipment. The customer can order and get the compressor room that best fits their needs.

The MCR comes with a variety of available built-in options, ranging from environmental add-ons to smart connectivity and control add-ons, ISO 8573-1:2010 filtration class add-ons, safety add-ons to manage customer expectations and needs across different market segments.

The newest Tamturbo MCR features our 3-stage TT325 VSD turbo compressor, the most energy efficient way to produce 100% oil-free compressed air with variable flow. It also includes compressed air pre- and after treatment: prefiltration, preheating, precooling, dryer, compressed air quality management, state-of-the-art efficiency management system, closed-loop cooling for the compressor as well as cooling for the other components. All you need to do is plug it into power, connect the compressed air piping and start enjoying the most efficient and highest quality compressed air.

In addition to the instant installation, easy on-site application and full flexibility to use the compressor room outdoors, the concept also enables flexibility: should the compressed air requirements on site change the unit can easily be changed to a better fitting model, therefore always ensuring the right amount of 100% oil-free compressed air at the lowest energy consumption. Additionally, if you decide to go with the Tamturbo Touch-Free™ Air – a service subscription program, in which the MCR is fully recorded outside of your balance sheet – you only pay for the output of the system, that is utilized compressed air.

If your company is interested in changing into a more efficient compressed air production technology and would rather utilize the space inside the facility for something else, the MCR is the solution for your needs. Please contact Tamturbo or your authorized Tamturbo distributor for more information!

About Tamturbo

Tamturbo was founded in 2010 around the idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air. Our unique technological advances has brought to life a range of compressors that far surpasses the legacy technologies both in performance and in significantly lower life cycle cost. Our technology is delivered globally in cooperation with multiple channel partners. Our 100% Oil-Free units with years in 24/7 operation have proven full reliability and zero maintenance without any risks of compressed air contamination. In the end, we provide exactly what the customers need – Just Air.