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Titus Air Systems Designs Nitrogen Package for Monsoon Conditions

In the rapidly growing natural gas industry, several well-known compressed gas companies are enjoying great success in building large, multi-stage booster compressors for the transport of the gas from their remote drilling operations to more centralized processing centers.

These booster compressors oftentimes require nitrogen as a seal gas, and on-site nitrogen generation has proved to be the most cost-effective approach to service this requirement.

Titus Air Systems, located in Morgantown, PA, has been one of the primary suppliers of compressed air dehydration and nitrogen generation systems to this burgeoning market.  The company recently supplied a nitrogen generation system for a rather extreme environment in Bangladesh.


Nitrogen generation system from Titus

The nitrogen generation system from Titus Air Systems was designed to weather harsh conditions during monsoon season in Bangladesh.


The application called for a system that would be installed outdoors in a part of the country that would be exposed to a marine environment, low temperatures and very high winds during the monsoon season. This was a very challenging application to say the least.

The critical design points for Titus were constructing a package that could withstand the extreme environment, provide the purity and pressure required for sealing within the booster at all times, and continuously monitor the system, so that, in the event of an out-of-tolerance condition, switchover to a standby unit could be quickly performed without loss of pressure or purity. In addition, the booster compressor supplier required that the system provide both local and remote monitoring and control.

A standard shipping container proved to be the most cost-effective and durable solution for housing the nitrogen generation system. From there, Titus engineers developed a turnkey package that included dual nitrogen generation systems for 100 percent redundancy, a PLC-based instrumentation package for local and remote control and nitrogen storage tanks to ensure smooth switchover (see photo).


Turnkey nitrogen generator

The turnkey nitrogen generation system included PLC-baseed instrumentation for local and remote control, along with nitrogen storage tanks.


For extreme environments or simple, indoor, plant or lab installations, Titus Air Systems has the expertise to provide a cost-effective, reliable solution.


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