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UCA to Supply Compressed Air to Ford Motor Company

Universal Compressed Air (UCA) announced multiple contracts with Ford Motor Company to install Compressed Air Systems at three locations in Michigan and Ontario. This establishes a total of five Ford plants supplied by UCA, including the Compressed Air Systems at the Livonia Transmission Plant and Kentucky Truck Plant. The three new locations will have an installed air compressor capacity of over 20,000 horsepower. Using Ford’s performance contracting process, UCA will install, operate, and maintain the facilities to provide long-term savings to Ford. UCA is delighted to deliver its Pipeline Air™ to one of the leaders in the automotive industry.

Pipeline Air Installation

The Pipeline Air installation can be located in a separate location away from the main facility.

UCA’s scope includes the design, construction and commissioning of the highly modularized facilities, plus long-term operations, and maintenance services with comprehensive power guarantees. The Pipeline Air concept combines UCA’s application and installation expertise with 16 of Atlas Copco’s highly efficient ZH centrifugal compressors.

“Working with Ford has been a great opportunity” said Bob Hutchison, UCA General Manager. “Early in our launch of Pipeline Air, Ford Motor Company embraced the concept and provided UCA the opportunity to develop a compressed air system retrofit for their Kentucky Truck Plant. Following the successful completion of KTP, Ford awarded us the Livonia contract.  Unlike KTP, this was a greenfield onsite project. Through these positive experiences, UCA continues to develop creative ways to improve our Pipeline Air offerings. We are enthusiastic about the upcoming projects.”

Customers like Ford are finding UCA and Pipeline Air to be a great way to address their compressed air needs so that they can focus on their core business.


About UCA

As a spin-off of Universal Industrial Gases' parent company, Universal Air Gases, think of UCA as an industrial gas company specializing in producing and distributing compressed air to sites that require utility-like air for around-the-clock operations. Large volume users of compressed air increasingly find that outsourcing the ownership and operation of compressed air systems is a preferred strategy. UCA designs, builds, operates, and maintains complete compressed air supply and distribution systems including compressors, dryers, cooling towers, advanced control systems, substations, power control systems and pipelines. UCA works in cooperation with key suppliers and contractors to execute projects and achieve ultra-high system reliability. For more information regarding UCA and Pipeline Air, please visit