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VPVision Software Offers Easier, More Complete Energy Management

VPInstruments has introduced its latest release of its VPVision energy monitoring software designed to make energy management easier and more complete.

According to VPInstruments, VPVision represents the next step in controlling factory efficiency and energy management by overviewing all energy usage patterns flowing through any installation. VPVision provides advanced web-based energy monitoring and can be accessed from any PC, tablet or cell phone. It is the cornerstone of any energy management environment under ISO 50001 certification.


In addition to minor improvements in the system, the customizable report functionality of VPVision has been greatly improved and expanded. Improvements include a new layout and added features, such as specific power for overall system efficiency in kW/m3n/min or Wh/m3n. New features also include:

  • Consumption overview: An overview of total consumption per user/division. Users can also identify changes as total consumption values are also compared with values of the previous period.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) module: Users can monitor efficiency and optimization targets better with a new performance indicator module in VPVision’s reports. They can select their own KPIs, track changes by comparing a KPI with the previous period, and see performance in one glance with pre-defined colors for a KPI.
  • Compressor analysis module: Compressors can now be defined more accurately, including type of compressor, load/unload cycles and stages, resulting in improved analysis of compressor performance.
  • Alarm module: A new alarm report module features an alarm log and statistics. VPVision had already featured an optional alarm functionality including definition of thresholds alarm levels and emails for out of bounds alarms.

With its automated report function, VPVision, users hardly need to look at the system itself anymore. Instead, important information is provided via email on a regular base.


About VPInstruments
VPInstruments offers industrial customers easy insight into energy flows. We believe that industrial energy monitoring should be easy and effortless, to enable insight, savings and optimization. VPInstruments’ flow meters are calibrated on state-of-the-art calibration facility. Our calibration equipment is maintained under our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is traceable to National Standards.

VPInstruments’ products are recommended by leading energy professionals worldwide and offer the most complete measurement solution for compressed air flow, gas flow and electric energy consumption. Our monitoring software, VPVision, can be used for all utilities, and enables you to see where, when and how much you can save. Our products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets, for example; automotive, glass manufacturing, metal processing, food and beverage, and consumer goods. We can also help your industry. Let us open your eyes and start saving energy. For more information, visit