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German Lab Relies upon Water-injected Oil-free Air Compressor

Many sensitive sectors of industry require oil-free compressed air. However, meeting this demand is often not as simple as it sounds. One way is to use oil-injected air compressors with downstream air treatment to meet the demand. A second option is oil-free air compressors, which operate without lubricants. Both versions have their own advantages as well as risks. Another alternative is to use rotary screw air compressors that use water as a lubricant. In an environmental laboratory in Stuttgart, Germany, this has been proven to be a clean and sustainable solution.

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The Benefits of Regular Air Compressor Cleaning

One of the biggest causes of lost reliability and increased energy consumption in a compressor is varnish. Preventing, controlling and removing varnish from compressors may not be a topic of discussion over the water cooler, but a good plan that is continuously executed can result in thousands of dollars in savings.

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THE 2016 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award Winners

There are many award categories. Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine focuses it’s circulation strategy on the industrial companies participating with ENERGY STAR and follows the Partner of the Year award categories of “Sustained Excellence” and “Energy Management”.  “Energy Star Partner of the Year Award winners help families, individuals, and businesses become more energy efficient,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “By offering energy-efficient products, services, and programs, this year’s awardees continue to provide Americans with lower utility bills, new jobs, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Show Report: Compressed Air Technology at the 2016 AICD Conference & Exhibition

The 2016 AICD (Association of Independent Compressor Distributors) Conference & Exhibition was  held May 15-17 in Chicago, Illinois. This first-class event recorded new highs for both member attendees and the roughly 76 exhibitors. AICD President Phil Kruger, the General Manager of Harris Equipment, said, “We strive to bring information, products and networking opportunities to our members, to make each member a stronger business. We also see ourselves as an association able to bring manufacturers and distributors together for mutual benefit."

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Control Panel Cooling Change Saves Compressed Air Electrical Costs

As a result of compressed air awareness training and a focus on energy management, two facilities in different parts of the world have reduced their compressed air demand substantially by removing vortex style cabinet coolers from some of their electrical panels and reworking the cooling systems.  These facilities were previously unaware of the high cost of compressed air and how much could be saved if other methods of cooling were used.  This article describes some of their efforts in demand reduction.

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