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Webinar: When to Install a VSD Air Compressor

Tim DuganTim Dugan P.E., is the President and Principal Engineer of Compression Engineering Corporation
Steve BrunoSteve Bruno is the Product Marketing Manager for Atlas Copco
pascalvanputtenPascal van Putten is the CEO of VPInstruments


Join Keynote Speaker, Tim Dugan P.E., President and Principal Engineer of Compression Engineering Corporation to examine when it is appropriate to install a variable speed drive air compressor. Manufacturing scenarios and environments with differing demand profiles will be analyzed to determine the energy-savings potential of a VSD air compressor in a compressed air system.

Our first Sponsor Speaker is Steve Bruno, Product Marketing Manager for Atlas Copco. His presentation is titled, “Proper Sizing of VSD Compressors”. Techniques and knowledge will be shared on how to properly size a VSD air compressor to supply the fluctuating load. The presentation will also discuss how to monitor energy usage and specific power.

Our second Sponsor Speaker is Pascal van Putten, CEO of VPInstruments. His presentation is titled, “Air Flow Consumption Fingerprint.” The “consumption fingerprint” is a different approach to selecting the right air compressor configuration, based on flow measurements and statistical histogram data. He will show the value of histograms in optimization projects.

This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions specified for Tim Dugan, Pascal van Putten, and Steve Bruno can be submitted to

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Thursday, March 30th, 2017 - 2:00 PM EST.


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