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FS-Compression Open for Business in Houston

FS Elliott


A new compressed air sales and service company has opened for business in Stafford, Texas. FS-Compression Co., LLC is a direct sales and service company launched by Fusheng Group to support FS-Curtis and FS-Elliott compressed air system products for southern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.




Expanded Service CapabilitiesFS Elliott

One of the main objectives is to provide local service capabilities for the large installed base of FS-Elliott centrifugal air compressors in the local petrochemical and refining industries. “The facility has 12,000 square feet of space of which 9,000 are dedicated to the shop area,” says Ronald Stewart, Vice President of FS-Compression.

The main intent of the shop is to do air end overhauls of centrifugal air compressors. “Houston is one of our largest markets and our customers will save time and money by being able to receive local factory service,” continued Stewart. Rather than shipping the air compressors to another location, customers will see a several week reduction in time to get the overhaul complete. Another benefit cited is that customers can come and witness the overhaul being performed and provide input.

The shop has two Schenck balancing machines which allow the facility to balance the rotors of the centrifugal compressors. All rotors have to be balanced at partial speed. FS-Compression has all the factory specifications and the full support of the engineering group at FS-Elliott. After a rebuild, the machine receives a one-year warranty on parts and labor. A complete overhaul will consist of:

1.    Receive the air end and inspect external parts

2.    Disassemble the machine

3.    Determine what parts need to be replaced

4.    Inspect rotors

5.    Re-assemble and balance rotors

6.    Rebuild the air end

Sales and Stocking Center for FS-Curtis and FS-ElliottFS Elliott

FS-Compression strengthens the direct sales effort of FS-Elliott centrifugal air compressors to our customers in the refining and petrochemical industries. The business also serves as a Master Distributor for FS-Curtis rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors. We are carrying an inventory ranging from 5 to 300 horsepower of FS-Curtis air compressors. We are also carrying a full range of compressed air treatment products. This warehouse is designed to support the distributors of FS-Curtis who will be able to buy complete units and service parts locally.

For more information please contact Ronald Stewart, FS-Compression Co., LLC, Tel: 1-562-243-1916, Email: