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July 2021 Edition

July 2021 Edition

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Measurement Principles for Compressed Air System KPIs

By Pascal van Putten, VPInstruments

In this article we clarify how the main KPIs can be monitored, and we will have a closer look at a few key KPIs: efficiency, pressure loss and leakage. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are variables or measures by which the performance of organizations, machines and/or processes can be measured and analysed in a targeted manner. For example, a KPI can be a certain production number per time unit, but also the amount of profit a company makes on a specific product. Read article.

The AICD Conference is Back!

By Roderick M. Smith, Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine

The AICD (Association of Independent Compressor Distributor) has always had a strong conference format aimed at helping senior management, at air compressor sales and service companies, better manage their business. Speakers normally include economists with market forecasts, leadership and sales management gurus, and compressed air industry professionals with very tailored information for our market. Read article.



Making an Impact at Berry Global

By Roderick M. Smith, Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine

Berry Global was established in 1967 as a small hometown company, based in Evansville, Indiana. Today it is still headquartered in Evansville but has grown to 48,000+ global employees and more than 295 locations. Generating $12.6 billion in 2019 pro forma net sales, Berry Global creates innovative packaging and protection solutions. Read article.

Vapor Compression Applied in Heat Pumps to Reduce CO2 Emissions

By Drew Turner, Danfoss

The inefficiency of fossil fuels, along with the negative environmental impact coming from their burning and resulting emissions, is driving companies to find alternative heating and cooling solutions. While renewable sources – such as wind and solar power – are decreasing this impact, other fossil fuel-burning sources need to be replaced with electric-driven alternatives to fully realize their emissions reduction potential. Read article.



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