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Safe Quality Food Standard: 5 Compressed Air Criteria

Phil KrugerPhil Kruger is the General Manager of Harris Equipment.
Randall CorthoutsRandall Corthouts is the Regional Sales Manager for BEKO Technologies.
Ruby OchoaRuby Ochoa is the Owner and President of Trace Analytics.
Join Keynote Speaker, Phil Kruger, General Manager of Harris Equipment to discuss the compressed air criteria necessary to achieve the Safe Quality Food Standard. This presentation will describe how to profile a plant’s current compressed air system quality and determining where it should be. He will also cover the different methods for achieving the quality needed, based around the standard, ISO 8573-1 Contaminants and Purity Classes.

Our first Sponsor Speaker is Randall Corthouts, Regional Sales Manager of BEKO Technologies, whose presentation is titled, “Helping You Meet SQF Guidelines.” This presentation will cover how the latest technologies can help a plant meet SQF guidelines. Mr. Randall will discuss catalytic converters and instrumentation, and their direct application to safe quality foods.     

Our second Sponsor Speaker is Ruby Ochoa, Owner and President of Trace Analytics, whose presentation is titled, “Testing, Monitoring, & Documenting Your Air System According to the New SQF Code.” Testing, monitoring and documenting air quality is an important part of complying with SQF requirements and keeping the compressed air system under control.  Ms. Ochoa will discuss how to establish an appropriate compressed air quality monitoring plan, using testing methods in accordance to ISO 8573-1:2010.

March 20th, 2018

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