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Air Solutions Canada Celebrates 25 Years


Air Solutions Canada Inc. (ASCI) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023. According to founder Peter Gray, “We’re in it for the long haul. We’ve always considered this a marathon, and not a sprint. That’s why we are still leading the race.”

This year the company is introducing several service improvements that will benefit its clients, most notably a new software system has been implemented to handle administration, CRM, finance, and inventory. As a result, efficiency and productivity have already improved significantly, in a very short space of time.

Air Solutions Canada is headquartered in Dundas, Ontario.

“Our clients notice the difference mainly where it comes to service response. The service portion of our business is now managed and electronically integrated. Customers sign directly on the screen to trigger an e-mailed work order and invoice. It’s a complete game changer,” said Lynne Tate, CCO. “Our customers’ experience is now even more exceptional.”

Asked what the biggest differentiators between ASCI and others are, company founder Peter Gray lists the following:

  • Rapid emergency service - With a team of 16 full time factory trained service technicians, we have the largest compressed air team in Southern Ontario. One technician is always dedicated to breakdowns. We guarantee a same day visit if you report a breakdown in the morning. 
  • Best pricing in the industry - We enjoy preferential pricing based on our volume purchases, and we pass these discounts on to our clients. We allow our sales team to be flexible with pricing and payment terms to accommodate clients' needs.
  • Right 1st time repairs - We have a First Time Fix Rate of almost 90%, which is exceptional in our industry. Our technicians have a crash kit in their vehicles with critical spare parts, so they almost never have to make a return visit. 
  • Dedicated Technicians - We allocate primary and secondary technicians for each customer, and they have all client information and equipment history on their iPad. It means that we know facility details and understand equipment status. 
  • Turnkey compressed air solutions - We truly offer everything from start to finish. One of our solution specialists manages your project from the initial discovery call, through to after sales service. We have all technical skills in-house, including ticketed refrigeration technicians, millwrights and electricians.
  • Extensive inventory - With $2m of inventory, essential parts and machinery are readily available. With more than 50 compressors and dryers in our warehouse, we can solve any emergency.

As we approach the end of our 3rd financial quarter, ASCI is on course for our best year of growth, sales, and service results. We are looking forward to the next 25 years, with our amazing team servicing exceptional clients in Southern Ontario!


About Air Solutions Canada

ASCI is a compressed air specialist that works with maintenance and engineering teams in GTA manufacturing facilities. They need a compressed air system that works reliably with the least amount of downtime, and a partner who responds, and strives to reduce their cost of operation and down-time. We help them with consultation, installation, and maintenance services, offering rental equipment, and emergency support, so they can be confident with radically improved solutions that serve their needs better. For more information, visit